I Set My Friends On Fire at the Attack Attack! show!

Okay seriously, what the fuck is with the name attack attack and !'s... There's Attack!Attack! vs. Attack Attack!
How the fuck are people supposed to keep those straight?
I just spent an entire night thinking I was seeing Attack!Attack! when really I was at the Attack Attack! show... not that I was disappointed in the slightest, I love both of these bands and would have gladly gone to see either or, however, still confusing as fuck after a few drinks and with eyes that don't pay much attention to detail to begin with, such as goddamn !'s strategically placed in a band name.
Pay attention to the punctuation.
Sounds like my motto of the day, or last night rather.
EmbuRRRassingly enough I didn't quite realize my mistake until Attack Attack! took the stage and started screaming, practically until they started coughing up blood, and I thought to myself "this doesn't sound like the Attack!Attack! that sounds like Fall Out Boy, this is the Attack Attack! that gives me the adrenaline to fight people, in an awesome sort of way.. but more on that later, first let's talk I Set My Friends On Fire! Unfortunately for the rest of the bands I didn't get there at 6:30 in order to see them, as I'm not underage and have no set bedtime, and like to pre-drink.
Honestly I don't know how such a full and severe sound comes out of two tiny young boys, and although they were equipped with a drummer live it is still just the two of them masterminding the entire band and every performance. Their set was intense to say the least. Although I'm not typically a fan of the growling, Matt's vocal strength was unbelievable, the transition from singing to growling to screaming to singing to growling, and the power behind his voice is something that must be attributed to his young vocal chords. Never sounding strained in the slightest he belted out a beautiful mix of hardcore and melodic and chanting vocals throughout the performance, and how he could do it while dancing around on stage without losing a breath is a mystery to me. Again, it must be his youngnessnessss. Or maybe that sexy Jew'fro! Werd. Their set was double-kick crazy on the drums and filled with electronic keyboard breakdowns that sounded a lot like Metro Station, which I loved. Everybody in the building was singing along, each and every one of the non-wristband-wearing fans in attendance (I swear we were the only two people over 19..) and the sweat that coated the walls and everything in between would have been disgusting had it not been so sexy. On more than one occasion I felt as if I was watching the Blood Brothers or at times even Boys Night Out, who I also love. The singer even sported a "blood stained" shirt for a song or two, giving me a boner.. ha uhh weird. There was lots of audience interaction and the kids loved it, as well as a crazy little skit involving the "weirdest noises heard while shitting" story and a recording that called the band gay before starting to rap. Fucking hilarious. Aside from the music these guys are totally entertaining, telling an audience member who hadn't bought their new album "you're going to fucking burn bitch!" and later telling somebody else "don't be racist" ... that gave me more than a few chuckles.
Crowd surfing and circle pits were a big theme of the night, and it looked like everybody was having a great fucking time.
Especially once Attack Attack! (not Attack!Attack!) hit the stage. At first I was blown away at how heavy they were in order to suit the hardcore show, until I realized I'm an idiot and it was in fact the hardcore Attack Attack! in which case, not much difference than on the album, tight as fuck and heavy to boot, with tons of energy and lots of members simultaneously head banging and prancing around the tiniest stage ever, amazingly enough without incident, and boy did the crowd get ROWDY! I'm not sure what the deal was but I swear they did not play nearly as long as the band before, and I felt a little jipped with the short set and even shorter encore. I barely got a chance to take any notes before the set was over. They did, however, play at least one song off their upcoming album, which they are going to record after they finish this tour, and it sounded amazing and got me super stoked to hear the rest. The last song was a clap-a-long, and we all know I'm a sucker for clap-a-longs. For the encore they came back with this "what what what what" hip hop breakdown-turns-hardcore track that turned into an electronic dance party with melodic hardcore over top, and I pretty much creamed my pants when I heard it and proceeded to cry when they left the stage for good after like a minute of playing. I wish I had more to say about this band, aside from THEY WERE AWESOME GO FUCKING SEE THEM YOURSELF ASSHOLES! Unfortunately my confusion combined with the super short set made it impossible to write a full review... or maybe that was the alcohol's fault...regardless they were seriously really good, and really entertaining, and you should really go see them live the next chance you get.

I am still waiting on pictures from this cute lil girl who promised to send me them (please please please) because my camera fucked off, so in the meantime here's the only two pictures I managed to take in very poor quality... don't know these people? Neither do I! Well... one of them at least.(hope he doesn't mind that I put his picture up :P he's an angel!)

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