MEMPHIS Universal Alt Country Folk Punk Ramblin Roadshow Revue

Last night was the beer soaked show of my dreams featuring Lucero at Lee's Palace for the MEMPHIS Universal Alt Country Folk Punk Ramblin Roadshow Revue... which must be one of the longest event titles of all time.
Apparently there was an entire evening filled with folk rock artists but the act that drew the crowd was the underdog superstars Lucero.. the band that tours almost every day of the year and still flies just below the radar of commercial success, and each and every cult fanatic in the area turned out for this show, packing the room from bar to stage and making for one hell of a show.
Honestly one of my favourite things about Lucero is their appearance, which is pretty much exactly the opposite you'd expect from their heart-on-their-sleeves vocals and pure pretty folk rock music. From the burly bassist sporting a wicked Merle Haggard T, to the old white-bearded Dwight replica keyboardist, the cave man-haired drummer and the rest of the biker gang looking band mates topped off with a skinny tattoo covered punk rawk looking motherfucker singing. Seriously awesome. Not to mention the seriously awesome instruments the band play, something I rarely take notice of until last night when I spotted the greatest flying v guitar of all time... it was a true beauty. Apparently it's a custom-made Travis Perkins original from Ohio, made just for Lucero's guitarist.
Lucky bastard.
The band played a lot of songs off their latest album, 1372 Overton Park, and although it's only been out for a short time almost every bitch in the building was singing along with every line. What a fucking wicked album, although would you expect any less? Never.

Okay let me level with you... I drank half a 26'er of whiskey as a tribute to Lucero before the show, and let's just say I remember very little, aside from this cute British boy... and my notes make absolutely no sense and are just riddled with spelling mistakes.
What I do remember though is it was one of the greatest shows in life. Whiskey or no whiskey. I also remember being showered with beer every two seconds and not giving a shit!
Goddamn that's awesome.
And the fact that they sparked a mosh pit of sorts at a folk festival type show, hilarious, and what's even sweeter was the drunken couple in front of me singing along between make out sessions with a nostalgic look in their eyes, holding each other and swaying to the music, oblivious of anyone else around them during what must have been "their song" ... kudos sluts.

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