Shakedown The New Enemy!

Shakedown is the new EP from my Toronto punk idols The New Enemy. Before even hearing the 6 tracks there is enough evidence in the cover that this album is phenomenal, case in point: the artwork, done by Dominique Sinibaldi. It's actually one of the coolest designs I've seen lately... take a fucking look:

Yeah baby!
Not to mention big time producer Simon Head who is responsible for much of SNFU and (the first band I ever saw live) Closet Monster, is back again!
Honestly, listening to this album is like entering a time warp - the style, the music, the vocals, everything screams (late) 90's punk, if I didn't know any better I would never believe they were a Toronto band of this era. They sound like a band I would have shit my pants over in high school and guaranteed would still be listening to today -- along with bands like Much The Same, A Wilhelm Scream, Strike Anywhere, Kid Dynamite, Dillinger Four and Avail.
Obviously there's an endless list of bands to compare The New Enemy to, they take something from pretty much every (legit) punk band I've ever loved and made 2 solid EP's so far and counting.
With the balls of Death By Stereo, and the genius of Only Crime (without all the well-known punk superstars helping), and the perfect raspy, rough, sexy, PUNK RAWK vocals our ears all drool over (think Lawrence Arms...mmm) HOW THE FUCK could you lose by picking up this amazing EP. I'm salivating just thinking about each song, and it has nothing to do with the Quiznos sub sitting in front of me while I write this!
If you're from the Toronto area and haven't had the pleasure of hearing this band, get out from under that rock and come to Sneaky Dee's on Tuesday November 10th where The New Enemy hook up with The Copyrights and The Roman Line (who are playing tonight at the Kathedral with Teenage Bottlerocket and Cobra Skulls FYI).
And don't forget to checkout the Shakedown EP here:
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