Tegan & Sara's Sainthood.

Sainthood is the 6th release from indie-folk sisters Tegan & Sara and oh man, where do I begin?
I guess at the beginning, HA.
Well coming off the success of the previous album The Con, the sisters took a step in the right direction by re-recruiting Chris Walla (of such fame as Death Cab for Cutie) to produce this album as he did their previous. As we heard in the last album (if you didn’t hear it, I suggest you take a fucking listen) the twins were more open to working with multiple layers of music adding different textures and sounds to their soft, folk style. I believe The Con was a beginning concept in which Tegan & Sara have completely perfected in Sainthood!
This album starts off with "Arrow", an amazing example of how the girls combined their adult folk style with a new alternative synthesized layer. Not only is it a prime example of how they have progressed and perfected this new sound, but it also shows that the twins have not forgotten their roots. With the beginning being just layers of programmed noises and drums to the chorus breaking down to just simple drums and soft acoustic guitar, it’s amazing to have the contrast of both new and old styles in one track. Throughout Sainthood T&S are able to weave between styles, but created a cleaner more straight forward sound that wasn’t fully attained on The Con.
Not only do I hear a progression in how Tegan & Sara create their tracks musically, but there is a definite progression in how the girls write and structure their songs. Sainthood is a more chorus driven album that is laced up in heavy repetition, which makes it easy to sing along and in turn opens up the possibility to understand the emotion that the sisters are portraying through each track. Not only has the song structure seemed to have matured but I feel as though the way the girls write together has also changed. Unlike The Con, where there were definite distinctions between tracks written by Tegan and tracks written by Sara, Sainthood has the feel as though the sisters were actually in the same area code while writing. Using Tegan's knack for writing poppy to the point hooks mixed with Sara’s inwardly melancholy way of emoting, the girls have used each of their talents to the fullest.
This album is littered with in your face rock tracks as well as touching on the softer folk tracks which makes Sainthood not necessarily the best T&S release but the best definition of what Tegan and Sara are. They brought all the fire and guts needed without any of the hesitation that was lingering in the past.
Do yourself a favour and pick up Sainthood and I guarantee you will not be disappointed, better you get off your ass and go see these ladies live in Toronto at Massy Hall January 19th and have the full Tegan & Sara experience... hey and maybe if you’re lucky they will bust out their stripped down version of Rihanna’s Umbrella!

It's Chris James BITCH!