The Nervous Wreckords

Okay. I never thought I'd see the day when a band sounds like a club version of Bob Dylan, who is the love of my life and although I'm definitely not one of those groupie type bitches I would fuck him in a second, I don't care how old he is. He is my idol.
Trust me, the only time you will hear those slutty words come out of my mouth (or off my fingertips) is when my baby Bob is the topic.
I love him.

And now I am starting to love The Nervous Wreckords, whose style and vocals dive into Dylan-esque folky yet club-infused craziness, at least in their purevolume exclusive track called "When The Beat Comes Down Like A Storm" (listen to it here) and because of that song alone they have reserved a place in my heart.
The rest of their tracks range between Louis XIV and more recent Iggy Pop, it's dark yet dancy, indie yet clubby, upbeat yet bad ass.

Ch Ch Ch Check it.

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Spanish Gamble post new song...

The Spanish Gamble have a new album coming out in 2010 and they've thrown up another song from it on their Myspace, and it's delightful.

Brand Fucking New

This weekend made me realize that I have a lot higher expectations for singers who don’t play instruments than I have with those who do.
I went to see the Crime In Stereo/Glassjaw/Brand New show at the Kool Haus on Sunday evening, and once again (just like with that band at the last Hostage Life show - see review) I found myself hating on the singer from Crime In Stereo because he was not keeping me entertained throughout the set. He had a big voice despite his langliness, but the moves he was trying to pull off were funny to watch, almost as if he was wasted. I’m also pretty sure he was making out with the mic at one point. On top of that I wasn’t sold on his vocals, the yelling/screaming was good, but the lower vocals and especially the high “singing” just made me want to murder my ear drums. What did finally sell me on him though was when he left the stage to showcase the musicians in the band during a musical breakdown, and all I have to say to that my friend is Respect! The drummer was fantastic and the way the band was positioned on stage, not facing the crowd but facing each other towards the middle rather made things really interesting to watch. There couldn’t have been a better band to open this show, when the singer hit the right notes yelling and/or screaming he totally hit it and they ended up sounding at times like new Brand New, just enough that it really got my tits shakin for the rest of the show.
Next came the legendary Glassjaw, for my first time ever, and yet another singer sans instrument. My tough judgment had nothing on Daryl, he was one singer who I would rather see without anything in hand but the mic alone. I couldn’t stop staring at him, even when he would stand with his back to the audience singing he was completely enthralling. Avoiding center stage as much as possible, the set up was remotely the same as the band before and the change in dynamics did wonders to showcase the musicianship of the group entirely rather than soloing out one front man. This seemed to work well for Daryl, and as much as I hate hate hate Twilight and am going to regret making this comparison, he had the sort of Robert Pattinson appeal that all the girls piss their pants over these days. Decked out in tucked in, very unexpected, business casual wear, he had the vocals and the looks that could make any girl or boy’s heart bleed, at times crooning to the audience with a sly smile on his face and at others screaming so hard that you thought he was going to lose his insides on the stage. All the tracks were on point to album quality, and performing songs from Everything You Ever Wanted To Know and Worship And Tribute, they pumped out so many amazing tracks like “Ape Dos Mil”, “Cosmopolitan Bloodloss”, “Two Tabs of Mescaline” and “Eliminator” which made me crap my pants in awe. Despite compromising the 5 piece into a tighter 4 piece with 2 newer members (bass player and drummer) with the 2 remaining original members (Daryl Palumbo and Justin Beck), the band seemed to have a new love for playing despite being on a semi-hiatus for years. Justin rocked both the lead and rhythm rolls and more than once made me question whether he was truly human, or merely a guitar playing robot fiend. It was by far one of the most intimate live shows I have ever been to, especially for a venue as huge as the Kool Haus. It was almost as if they were having a jam session that they allowed the public to view, each one playing so effortlessly and care free. The drummer was on the ball with every cymbal crash, every pause, and needless to say I was blown away by the pure brilliance of their set. They even made a joke about being Agnostic Front, and won my heart over double for it.
If I wasn’t anticipating Brand New so hard I would have been more upset that Glassjaw’s set seemed to end way too soon. I have too admit though I was nearly shitting bricks of anticipation waiting for the love of my high school life to take the stage. And mother fucker we had to wait for what felt like FOREVER. They love making the audience sweat as they take their sweet ass time back stage “getting ready”. As the lights darkened finally the smell of stretched ear cheese filled the venue… or maybe that was just me… the intensity of their performance started the moment they walked on the stage. Starting off with a new song and proving once again that the pure emotional energy portrayed in their later albums comes through triple in their live show. A theatrical rush radiates from their set that is almost incomparable. With not one but two drummers and one of the best guitarists I’ve ever witnessed, fingers moving along the frets like magic, and one of the most interesting bass players to watch, grooving and rocking out and making great use of the stage, never standing in the shadows… and Jesse… oh Jesse. His vocals were dead on live, and the changes he made, mostly in the older songs, to spice things up were perfect; speeding up “Sic Transit Gloria, Glory Fades” and slowing down “Mixtape”, while changing the levels of vocals, switching the singing for screaming in some parts and vice versa, nothing was expected and it made for an epic performance. Too bad they, mostly Jesse, come off like such pompous rock star assholes at all of their shows. I guess it works for them though. Literally every person in the Kool Haus was singing along to every song, especially the few older ones like “Okay I Believe You But My Tommy Gun Don’t”, “Jude Law And A Semester Abroad”, and “Seventy-Times Seven” which were clearly the favourites for most. However, a surprising amount of people were still singing along to the rest of the set which included a wide variety off of (my personal favourite) The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me, and when (my personal favourite) “You Won’t Know” came on I could have died a happy gal. Not overdoing the latest album, Daisy, yet still playing the best tracks like the title track “Daisy”, “You Stole”, and “At The Bottom”, the crowd was a lot more diverse and loving of the band than they were the last time I saw them just after The Devil And God… came out and nobody seemed willing to hear it. The most memorable part of the show for me was when “Limousine” started with just Jesse standing solo on stage with his acoustic guitar, and as the song progressed the drums and guitar rolled quietly in the background and the intensity of the performance threatened to crack each fan watching with their mouths gaped open until it finally dove into heavy emotional bliss. And then my least favourite part of the show happened.. they turned on the projector behind the stage to very disturbing images, including one of this huge fucking spider that made me want to puke up all the beer in my stomach. Gah! After literally an hour and a half of playing with little pause, they ended their set with Jesse alone on stage again singing a slower, broken down, seductive version of “Play Crack The Sky” with the guitarist crooning out background vocals, and the crowd literally went so crazy that Jesse had to shushhh them in order to finish the song.
It was EPIC.

I'm Sarah, I do what I want.
It's Chris James Bitch!

Hostage Life's LAST SHOW EVER!

Hostage Life!
Hostage Life!
Hostage LIFE!

(you know, like Rufio, Rufio, RufiO!)

Holy Fuck!
Holy Fuck!
Holy FUCK!

Since it seemed like all of Toronto was packed into teeny tiny Sneaky Dee’s I’m going to assume you were at the show last Friday, unless you’re under 19 in which case go bitch slap your parents for not getting it on sooner because they pretty much just ruined your life. That is, if you’re a fan of the now-defunct Hostage Life. Not only was this their last show (hopefully not forever) but it also doubled as their CD release party for Centre Of The Universe? (Fun fact: The album is being given away for FREE on their website)
And it killed.
Kicking off the night, to my huge surprise, was The Little Millionaires. I knew they were playing, my confusion came when they hit the stage first even before I knew who the fuck the City Sweethearts were. But nonetheless I was ecstatic about the fact that I had started drinking early enough that night and I managed to stumble through the doors before the show even started (score me another point there boss) … how exactly remains a mystery.. and honestly I probably would have cried had I missed those guys. I don’t know if any of you bitches remember a show at Sneaky Dee’s on May 26th uhhh 2 years ago with The Little Millionaires, well that was my mother fucking birthday party and probably the last time I saw them. I believe Hostage Life played another show at Sneaks for us before/after that one, and so this show was a pretty big deal to me. Their set was high energy from start to finish, and made it hard to tell at first whether the already large crowd was there for HL or LM. I was already pretty tipsy at this point and have only vague memories of their set, but I remember enjoying it. They didn’t blow the ship out of the water, but they most definitely didn’t come close to sinking it either. I don’t want to say “standard performance” because I believe it was a lot better than that, but at the same time there weren’t many “wow” moments to comment on, aside from the drummer wailing away on those drums at the speed of light the entire set. They were a huge crowd pleaser and looked like they were having fun on stage, a lot of my (blurry) pictures captured each member grinning at one point or another, and fucked if I didn’t have a great time watching!

Seriously though, who put The City Sweethearts in the middle of the line up? Can I punch you in your wide set vagina? Let’s just say I was not impressed. They weren’t horrible but I really would have preferred to see the other two bands back to back and these guys open. -- Side Note: At one point the guitarist said to the crowd “thanks for sticking around for us”… they were the middle band and of course the crowd would stick around for the last Hostage Life show ever… ummm duh! Hilarious! -- They totally ruined the mood for me. The 70’s throwback music itself was pretty good, but getting past the singer was hard. If not only because he looked IDENTICAL to a female friend of mine, who I don’t want to name and embarrass (even though I tried for about 20 minutes to make the perfect split screen of the two of them until realizing that she’d probably cut my throat if she saw it) and it was uncanny enough that I was entirely distracted by it the entire set. His Joey Ramone smashed with Joan Jett appearance on top of looking identical to my female friend made him stand out a little too much with the ill fashioned band, and we couldn’t help wondering if we’d like the band better with somebody else fronting. Hmmm that’s pretty harsh, throwing them in the middle of two of the best Toronto bands was the worst idea ever and it was hard to enjoy what I otherwise might have gotten into at a different time or, better yet, a different show. I was ultimately bored and unimpressed, and not all of that is to blame on the band or the slot, because the sound quality of the set was horrible. I can’t even comment on the vocals because I could barely hear them. Dude (looks like a lady) could have been the greatest singer and I wouldn’t have been able to tell. I was able to make out a Sonics cover of that “Money” song which I actually did enjoy, and I thought they pulled out another cover for the very last song but it turns out it just sounded eerily like that “Rollin’ on the river” song. They had a good time on stage though, I’ll give them that, and ONE GUY who I will circle in the picture below (Hi, nice to meet you) was having the time of his life, rocking out, singing every word, right on brother!

The rest of the crowd, however, didn’t seem to notice there was a band playing…

Because they were all gearing up for HOSTAGE LIFE! By gearing up I mean smoking/peeing/chugging/whatever they could to do ensure that they would see their last set ever in ENTIRETY without anything getting in the way. There was no way we were cementing our spot near the stage for pictures so instead I sat on a table near the back to and watched the HUGE crowd gravitate to the stage, leaving the entire back half of Sneaky Dee’s practically empty. Consider my question of who the crowd came for answered. The energy was through the ruff, the timing impeccable for a live show, and the shredding guitar was fucking insane, too bad it was all muffled by the shitty sound in the venue and the restricting stage. Mother Fuckers! I love Sneaks but they deserved a bigger stage for this show. That said, the venue did add that perfect nostalgic feel to the night and so I can’t harp on the sound this time.
Hostage Life fucking rocked. Regardless.
You know the saying “don’t speak ill of the dead” or whatever, well thank fuck the dead didn’t give me any reason to because I don’t give a fuck about sayings.
(Unless you’re talking shit about Michael Jackson, in which case I will stab you in the throat nanageddon style, ahhhhhhhhhhhh.)
Hostage Life went out with a bang, and even though I didn’t recognize a lot of the new songs they did play older favourites including their single “Sons of Hostage Life..” for the last time and I couldn’t have been happier. There was even talk of crowning babies, as I believe one of the members wives was giving birth, possibly even during the show? Either way, their new album is unfortunately even better live, but I’d rather not talk about that too much. Sniff.
R.I.P. Hostage Life.

Special shout out to whoever this guy/girl is who started the “World’s First Fansite Dedicated to Toronto Punk Band Hostage Life” at. Good on you kid!

I’m Sarah. I do what I want.


I have a throbbing hard on right now for a band called in BEAR COUNTRY and I totally am about to blow my load all over the singers face in a second... all up in his mouth and shit... because his voice is amazing.
But don't let me rub one out for you, feel it up for yourself here where their new EP is up and streamin'.

When you click on the link expect to hear one of the sweetest BC punk bands ever.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Ps. I don't really have a penis...

Captain, We're Sinking!

So I have a little obsession with the songs "Curse These Long Dancer's Legs" and "Death Of The First Born By The Hands Of The Almighty" by a band called Captain, We're Sinking!
Unfortunately the album came out in 2008 and since I already cheated once or twice on the top songs of 2009 list (shh) I figured I'd just have to honor these songs, and the rest of the album The Animals Are Out in it's very own post.
The album is still streaming up at and if you know what's best for you you'll go check it out because I'm telling you to.

For fans of, well, good music for one, as well as The Lawrence Arms, Against Me, The Menzingers, Falcon, and so on and so forth.

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Jaguar Love

It's clear from the second the vocals hit that this is former Blood Brothers singer Johnny Whitney paired again with former Blood Brothers guitarist Cody Votolato in a new, much less abrasive, electro project called Jaguar Love.
With 60's style retro breakdowns thrown into songs like "I Started A Fire" (my personal favourite) they keep the Blood Brothers unique vocal characteristics but add a more pop infused background that you can get down and dance to.
Although the unrelenting, off the wall vocals do remain similar to their 5 albums as BB, the music itself couldn't be further from the old sound. If you take away the singing in each track the relation between the two bands would be lost, and you'd probably expect to hear this music in a grungy club late at night.
Considering I was a HUGE Blood Brothers fan before they officially called it quits in 2007, and I loves me any excuse to dance in my seat at work, I automatically am in lust with this new band.

Check them out on their myspace.

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Dead To Me

What does former members of One Man Army + Fat Wreck Chords + Producer Alex Newport (At The Drive-In/Locust) amount to?
One wicked ass punk rock band called Dead To Me, that's what!

Singing about addiction and recovery, as well as real world issues like the war in Iraq, their upbeat melodic borderline hardcore style is more than just music to my ears... it's crack for my ears. (This reference is probably ill-humored considering the topics of most songs... but hey, it works!)

For fans of bands like Cobra Skulls, None More Black, Dillinger Four etc etc etc I recommend visiting the entire album stream up on You will not be disappointed.

"Liebe Liese" deserves a notable shout out as it's probably the most addicting (shit there I go again) song I've heard all week.. which may not seem like much unless you consider the fact that I hear at least 10 new bands each day.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Change of Ideas

Change Of Ideas is yet another hardcore punk band that quite frankly blew me away first listen.
They call out to the old school punk lover in me, the angst heard in the vocals make me want to start a mosh pit on the crowded subway when they come on my Ipod. And I'm not talking clearing house and throwing down like most pits have turned into over the years with the new style hardcore.
Taking influences from all my favourite bands like 7 Seconds, Kid Dynamite, Minor Threat, Gorilla Biscuits, Sick Of It All, Kill Your Idols, The Descendents and many many more greats of that era there's no way in Hell I wouldn't like these guys.

If you like any of the bands above you must check out this band on their myspace.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Another Breath

When I first went to listen to this band on I initially thought they were going to be a shitty alt rock/metal band because of the build up of the bass in the first song, just reminded me of another hard rock band that I'd rather soon forget.

And then the guitar and lyrics kicked in, and I had to do a double take..err, listen?
Not exactly what I was expecting... much much much better.
Turns out they are a legit hardcore punk band, and their hilarious myspace bio describes them the best:
"Too punk for the hardcore kids, too hardcore for the punk kids, too mainstream for the thrash kids, too thrashy for the mainstream kids, too droney for the straight forward kids, too straight forward for the droney kids, too depressing for the posi kids, too posi for the depressed kids. We are a bastardized version of everything you love and everything you hate. We are everything we love and everything we hate."
Awesome, no?

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

The Fuck Off And Dies = fuck me now.

hello... HEllo.... HELLOOOO!

Story Of The Year vocalist, Dan Marsala, has a new pop punk side project, and just like the first track on their Myspace states, they are FUCKING AWESOME!
They're called The Fuck Off And Dies, and I think I love them.
The four songs posted so far basically sum up the band, in the second track they sing about putting the FU back in FUN and, yes, it makes me want to party.

Every song up incorporates the word "FUCK" into it as much as possible, and full of crazy voices it's clear the antics of this band are going to get them far.

Much better than Story of the Year already (although they were my guilty pleasure when the first album came out in high school)

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Paper Lions @ Edge 102 on Saturday November 14th.

As I stepped foot into the Edge 102 on that chilly Saturday evening I wasn’t expecting a whole lot of excitement. Paper Lions were set to go on in less than 5 min, according to 1 of the only 3 people in the small radio station. After taking a listen to what the Paper Lions had on their MySpace, I wasn’t fully enthused about going as the song didn’t necessarily tickle my "pink".
Slowly a few more people start to saunter in but then walked right back out as we were told to step outside while the band does their sound check. While I was finishing my 2nd smoke around the corner I finally hear the sliding glass doors open to the street. As I turn the corner, BAM, a crowd that I would never have though could materialize was packing their way into the edge. As the crowd was losing their shit, I managed to squeeze into a comfortable spot so I could see what all the fuss was about.
From song one Paper Lions showed my skeptical ass a thing or two about how to "bring it"...yah I said it...WHAT?!? I would never have expected anything like what these guys offered. With catchy rhythm guitar that is complimented by some of the most amazing, pants wetting guitar solos I have heard in ages I now see what all that fuss was about. I also have to tip my cap to the bass player who is half of the back bone of the band, but also to the drummer who beat the shit out of the drums and displayed one sick solo. I believe at one time he had 3 drum sticks going... he's good with his hands ladies. But of course I can’t forget the powerful yet delicate voice that layered perfectly with the rest of the band. The crowd, myself included, was eating it up and it hard not to see why. The clever word structure and sing-a-long quality of each song kept the energy at 11. With the occasional tickle of the keys, tambourine smash and the use of feedback and sustained notes that added an element which had me swooning!!!
To sum the night up, it was one powerful display of raw talent! I want to apologize to the boys in Paper Lions for having limited faith in them before I got to experience their live show. These guys are some highly skilled musicians how have perfectly crafted some of the best indie rock I have heard in quite some time. If you haven’t seen, or are skeptical like I was, take the chance, experience what the Paper Lions have to offer and you won’t regret it. Trust me, after one song I was a changed man....a more loving man! HA. Keep up the conversion rate, oh and the great music!

Side Note:
I also wanted to give a honorable mention to the guitarist's shirt...
It was a long sleeve button up that had a desert-like setting on it with what I believe to be a cowgirl riding a white stallion .... AMAZING!

It's Chris James, Bitch!

Mister Cooper Boone cougars and gentlemen!

So I get this press package for a country singer/songwriter named Cooper Boone the other day and initially thought this guy would be a huge douchebag thanks to the hilariously written biography and press about this guy. Like kudos to his publicist because it actually made me pee my pants (am I joking?), mostly because the cheesyness matches if not surpasses the cheesyness of my reviews. Over exaggerated
to the fullest with the worst yet greatest lines ever, let's take a look shall we:
"Indeed, Boone is a person for whom the term "triple threat" is a few items short."
"'I wanted to write an upbeat song that honors those hot mamas out there who aren't 22 but are still out there living lives and looking great' Cooper explains."
Re: Cougar Dream
"Nothing goes together quite so well as country music and down home cooking."
"On the show, Boone keeps multiple pots bubbling, but he's also good at keeping balls in the air."
and my personal favourite, straight from the New York Post (June 12, 2009) in an article about his Cougar Dreams song (again)
"Man, there ain't nothing hotter in pop culture than a cougar these days.
(That'd be an older woman who likes significantly younger men, in case you're not hip to the slang the kids are using these days.)"

And on top of that I received a recipe for a Roasted Corn Salad, so you can see where I made the douchebag connection right?
After the laughter died and the pee dried I realized that not only is this guy a country singer, but he also cooks and has his own cooking show, he owns his own country store, he farms chickens (lmao awesome) and he, get this, IS A FUCKING CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST!!!
My only question now is...

Is he also A ROBOT??????

Seriously, holy shit.
I guess that explains the corn salad.

On top of that he plays the piano and the trumpet. Don't you feel like a worthless slob now? Uhh hi I sit on my ass and write a blog, without even lifting my fingers far off the keyboard.. and I haven't picked up my guitar in at least 3 years (shame).
Not to mention his album ain't that bad, y'all. It actually manages to channel the country girl I have tried to bury deep down for so long.. Yes, this city girl has country roots... and although I whip out the cowboy boots now and then that's as far as I will go... until now.
He's got a great country voice, no lack of talent here.. good range, good twang, good tone.. up there with all the country artists I remember from back in the day hearing on country radio.
I am interested to know how much of the album was written by him though, because it says here he co-wrote all the songs on the album.. seeing everything he does on the side and the fact that it's his debut that's still impressive, but the question still remains.

The album itself I'm somewhat torn over. Love it, and hate it, and the difference falls between the fast songs and the slow songs.
This calls for a showdown!

Fast Vs. Slow -- The Honky Tonk Showdown
The first couple songs are upbeat, and totally country, reminding me of growing up in Grafton, driving in my friend Tanya's dad's pick up truck while he belts out lyrics to any and all songs on the country radio station, crankin it through the open windows along the winding dirt roads. "She's All that" is definitely single worthy, the piano is perfect and it almost sounds like.. hmm.. Elton John and CCR become one and play a hoedown in some hay filled barn way out in Alabama while everybody line dances in front of them?
I could get down to this.
And then a slow song hits. This ballad reminds me of one track of the 5ive album I once/still own(ed). Not my cup'o'tea. The strings in the background are the only redeeming quality, I'm a sucker for strings, but the lyrics seem a little too amateurish.. 'I stand nowhere and every single stop of where I'm going takes me to a time where I was fearless, slaying every dragon in my closet and I would always win'... is that a saying I've never heard, slaying a dragon in your closet? I don't know about that.
Thankfully he speeds it up again for "Love Revival" and it turns out to be a little more bad ass than I expected out of him, although that notion ends when he mentions the bible. It does rhyme with revival though, so I let it slide. Noted. I actually caught myself getting down and dirty to the grimy parts of the song and made a conscious effort then and there to find more dirty country. The end gets super uppity and I think I got a little too excited about it.. and out comes more pee..JK!
The mood continues with my personal favourite Dirt Road Dancing about, well, dirt road dancing.. which I am pretty sure I have actually done before, it really does happen in the country lemme tell ya. The fiddle is rockin' and I would definitely dirt road dance to this song any day.
And then another slow one hits.. Maybe since the music is slowed and the vocals are the key listening point you notice the lyrics more and it seems a little cheesier, just not my thing.. probably more for the cougars. All I can say is... NEXT!
By now I'm getting a country overload and need to roast a la gange to get through the rest of this album, especially if more slow songs are involved.
Which they are.
The next few aren't exactly ballads but they don't have the horse's kick of the good one's past. "Sizzle" was one of the buzz songs in the package and it wasn't measuring up to me until he pulled out the big guns on the vocals. Kiinda hot. Does that make me um.. what's the opposite of a cougar? Anna Nicole Smith? OOOHHHH snap! Too soon?
Although these songs aren't that snappy, I did notice an improvement in the lyrics, and by golly I forgot how many solo's there are in country!
And then I fell asleep for the next two slow ones... NEXT NEXT... but woke up for the much anticipated "COUGAR DREAMS" song!
I've got to be honest, I was expecting something more racy! But then again you don't want to offend the older ladies. Was this a ploy because Mr. Boone has a thing for the elderly? Smoooothe!! Spread that grilled cheese Cooper!! He might be a little old for the cougar's usual prey, but once they hear his music they won't mind..
Cooper's next album? Turning Cougar's into Groupies!
The last song is the DMKS theme song (??) and despite it being another slow jam it's got lots of country twang paired with gospel'y church choir vocals in the background, adding some power to it. Out of all the ballad's this is by far my favourite aka the only one I would listen to again probably.
If people would listen to the words of this song and take it to heart the world would be a slightly better place.
Sweet nibblets!

I'm Sarah, y'all. I do what I want.

Top 20 Songs from MusicSheBlogged 2009:

Year 2009 is coming to an end, and before it does I feel like I need to jump on the bandwagon and make a list of some sort.
Instead of simply making a list of songs that I've loved throughout this year and nobody else cares about, I think it would be better suited to make a list of songs from the bands who have been featured as either Band Of The Week or in a review... of course the songs will still be the ones that I love the most from their 2009 albums... Jealous?

So, here it is, MusicSheBlogged's first official year end list ever...with genres of all kinds and colours, and in a very loosely based order... feast your eyes on this fuckers!

*drum roll please*

20. The Scene Aesthetic - Love Story (Taylor Swift Cover) - Album: Rockin' Romance (various)
I know what you're thinking, A TAYLOR FUCKING SWIFT COVER? THIS LIST IS BUUULLLL SHIIIT. Well yes, but calm the fuck down already, it is at number 20, and I really like the way they've done the song, two singers, cute voices, cute version, cute enough to make #20, and trust me this is the first and last cover, and the first and last mention of Taylor Swift in this list so it's safe to read on.

19. YStereo - I Know You Know - Album: What's Real Anyways
Although I only heard this song recently, it gets stuck in my head like a son-of-a-bitch and I can't stop listening to it. A pop/punk/emo/rock clapalong bone-ified boner-maker.

18. Mewithoutyou - Goodbye, I! - Album: It's All Crazy! It's All False! It's All A Dream! It's Alright
Consider this my indie-rock surprise, my lil minority! Still catchy as shit though and a solid song.

17. The Summer Set - Young - Album: Love Like This
I am not a club type of slut whatsoever, I hate clubby music for the most part on top of everything else about 'em, but when I listen to this song it makes me want to be front and center on the dance floor with all those gino assholes hitting on me while I ignore them and sing my lungs out to this song, and any song that could make me even consider stepping foot in somewhere like Circa deserves a spot on the list... not that any club would ever play this but that's not the fucking point, stay with me people... yeesh.

16. MicLordz & Sauce Funky - Roll Wit' Me - Album: Sunset Ammunition
Although this album came out in 2008 I think, slightly breaking the rules, I did get to see them for the first time and review the show in 2009, and this song stuck out with me so you know what, it's going on the list! Funky, upbeat, energetic, and super bad ass. You'll love it.

15. Imadethismistake - My Sins - Album: Tomorrow We Start New
Okay, this album was first released in 2007 BUT re-recorded and re-released in 2009.. I love loop holes. This pop punk/folky mostly-acoustic song is probably one of the most unique on this list. His voice and the style is a lot different than what I usually talk about, and to understand you'll just have to hear it. The lyrics are everything.

14. The Flatliners - Filthy Habits - Album: Cynics
Just when I thought I was over the Flatliners they come out with this new track on their myspace and even if just for the vocals alone I friggin' love it. And I can't listen to sad songs anymore so it's perfect.

13. The Cheap Shot Artists - Life Indefinite - Album: TBD
Members of my old favourite Western Canada punk acts 20 Pound Shovel form a new band, and although they only have two songs up so far, this one is wicked and has me checking back daily for news on the new album!

12. Weatherbox - I Haven't Kissed A Guy In Light Years - Album: The Cosmic Drama
Even just for the name alone this song rocks. Wicked cool band.

11. Man Overboard - Love Your Friends Die Laughing - Album: Hung Up On Nothing
It's like a singalong where you don't even need to sing along because... everybody else is...

10. Heartsounds - The Song Inside Me - Album: Until We Surrender
Great punk band, even better female vocals, best I've heard mesh with male vocals in this type of music actually.

9. You Me At Six - Always Attract - Album: Save It For The Bedroom
While we're on the subject of female and male vocalists, this song actually fucking makes me want to cry it's so good... absolutely nothing like the rest of this bands shit, it's slower, it's beautiful... and the melodies between girl and boy singer gave me an eargasm every time.

8. Set Your Goals - Gaia Bleeds - Album: This Will Be The Death Of Us
I know not a lot of people were huge fans of this last album, but seriously this song sounds like the Refused. Need I say more?

7. Lucero - Can't Feel A Thing - Album: 1372 Overton Park
They rock out, they look like bikers, they love whiskey, yet they can still write a beautiful (anti) love song... wowzers.

6. The New Enemy - Tim Horton Hears A Who - Album: Shakedown EP
Not something you'd expect to hear out of fairly new band out of Toronto, sooo good. Think Avail/Kid Dynamite. Mmmm.

5. Down With Webster - Your Man - Album: Time To Win Vol.1
This was the song of the (end of the) summer, catchy, fun, upbeat, and with hilarious lines in it. This is probably the most played song in my house between me and my roommates. One everybody can enjoy!

4. Fake Problems - Diamond Rings - Album: It's Great To Be Alive
By far the band I was most excited about this year, and this song I have yet to get sick of after almost a year of heavy rotation.

3. Transit - Stay Home - Album: Stay Home
I can't get enough of this song. That's all I really have to say about it. Love everything about it, the whole album is great but the title track is just killer buddy!

2. Outbreak - Sedate Me - Album: Outbreak

DUDE, IT'S CALLED 'BULLETPROOF TIGER'... I MEAN COME ON!! OF COURSE IT'S NUMBER ONE. It's heavy as shit, not as pussy as the last album, fucking the guitar is crazy in it... all in all, definitely #1 material.

Why? It's about shots dummy. DUH!

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The Creepshow - Hypnophonics - Dreadnaughts

4 1/2 bums up out of 5

With Toronto being the 10th stop on the bands cross Canada tour the Reverb started to fill. I found myself saying excuse me as I stepped on some 7 or 8 year old kid (Being drunk I thought it was a midget) Oh the all ages shows pack the venues though don't they! The night opened with the handsome well dressed Hypnophonics doing what they do best. Great energy, great lyrics and screams with pompadours flying all over the place and 3-D glasses making the whole psychobilly experience.

The Dreadnaughts came to life after that. The fun and extremely energetic punk rock and from BC doubled the mosh pit. The marvellous mandolin and fantastic fiddle gave them that familiar & oh so fucking good sound there is no reason to just stand there.. hit someone or something.

Last but not least the home provinces Creepshow ended the night. The crowd shouting the words with the band from all angles of the room & guest appearances from the bassist of the Dreadnaughts pumping the venue with his cardboard cut outs of key words. The set ended with a sing along started by The Creepshow and invited guests from the other 2 bands.

Awesome show- Great Job! Thx to the girl with the Hypno hair & the guy with the sweet sweet Stash.

Miss D

(INTRODUCING OUR NEW WRITER, MISS SARAH DELANEY, THANKS SARAH!!! Not to be confused with me... also named Sarah with an H.)

YStereos - What's Real Anyways

So I just recently stumbled upon this band whilst lurking, which just happens to be a goldmine for people like me who loooove their pop punk. Don’t hate, don’t hate! They’re called YStereo, not to be confused with Canada’s very own Stereos (notice the lack of ‘Y’ in the latter, as well as the addition of the ‘s’, we don’t want to get confused again like that Attack Attack +!’s fiasco) and although they are probably considered in the same poppy emo punk style genre as their ‘Stereo’ rivals, I like to consider them about 78% less cheesy and hmm let’s say with about a 91% better quality of writing…huh? (Oh, and Disband didn’t rewrite half their songs either that I know of).
Their well-constructed emo-pop-rock-whatever songs appeal to the part of me who still holds on to clap-a-longs, and jumps for joy not-so-deep down inside of me at the end of the “Damn Right” (#1). It also features the ever so popular school/gym yard noises with whistles a’blowin’ and girls a’cheerin’ or a’chantin’, which I am noticing in a lot more songs recently by bands like Cobra Starship and TV/TV.. Thanks Gwen Stefani?
I get the feeling that this is a younger band, I can’t remember the picture on the site right now and I don’t care that much to look but despite a possibly younger source for the lyrics I still find myself relating to their songs.. Ew that’s, like, totally so like, high school of me. Gross. Go back to livejournal!
The lyrics throughout the album feel a lot more ‘in-your-face’ than the, typical to this genre, sort of whiny ‘let-me-hide-my-face … with-my-sweepy-hollow-hair-style’ lyrics, yet they still manage to throw in boy band like breakdowns like at the end of “The Real You” (#2), and I liiiiike it, though I was an avid BSB fan back in the day (still have them on my computer *cough*) so maybe my opinion is invaluable! :) hehe.
The third track,“I know, You Know”, is by far my favourite due to the high levels of groovy-boppin-dance vibe and sexy connotations, (‘touch myself pretending you were there’… hehe story of my life…kiiiiddddiinnnnnggg). Their lyrics are honest, and I think that’s a lot of the draw for me. Ku ku ka chu!
While the first few tracks were legit, after that some of the album started to fade into the background on me, but the sound of the guitar on “Further Away From Me” (#6) - so sweet and so serene, so pretty - totally redeemed the album and especially the song alone, and when I thought it would get no better the ‘Na, na na na, na na na na na na na’ s came in and I was swept back off into high school la la land.
I have to admit, they kind of lost me again with “A Bad Man” but quite frankly if any of my friends heard this album chances are this track would be their favourite.
I have dubbed “Your Moment” (#8) as my motivational song as of right now, this is my moment bitches – make it or break it!
And as long as we’re being honest, I feel that in regards to this album (obviously) my least favourite songs are either ones where I love the music/beat, but am not too fussy on the lyrics (ex:#7) or the exact opposite (ex:#8)… as far as I’m concerned one outta two ain’t bad, and as long as you’ve got that something that draws people back to it then you're golden.
Some of the lyrics do get sort of cheesy, it is pop punk after all, but it’s done in a smart and clever way that makes it easily accepted, and although not shown off to his full extent the singer has a great range that he breaks into more often towards the end of the album and is definitely deserved of some praise. The beautiful vocals in “The Anchor” (#10) get personal, and with the mood and style switching more than once in the beginning it keeps you in suspense to what direction the song will go in. The play of the instruments behind the vocals in the title track (#11) is so complimentary and taken to a new level when the female vocals come in on top of the building drums in the background. Turning into the unexpected rock song, the strings in the back give the song a solid back bone, a brilliant show-stopper… the track I’d anticipate seeing live over all.
Ending the album with “The New Year” they start off with bells and chimes and shit, instilling the automatic Holiday warmth in me that gets me every time (Christmas is my favourite time of year) and although the lyrics aren’t merry, the spirit of the song still is and it put a smile on my face. Yay Christmas Heartbreak!

Definitely worth a listen, if you’re into that sort of thing.

I’m Sarah. I do what I want.

The Roman Line/The New Enemy/Copyrights

I'm such an asshole. I missed The Roman Line again this Tuesday (November 10th) at Sneaky Dee's in Toronto.
I didn't miss the full set, I ended up catching the last three songs they played and you know what, they are fucking wicked. I am kicking my own ass right now for not seeing them fully, and I seriously recommend all of you assholes checking them out here:
So sorry guys!!! Oops!!
I totally saw the entire set by The fucking New Enemy though, and god fucking dammit, I can't even fathom why the fuck they aren't signed to like Fat Wreck Chords or some wicked punk label by now, because they blew me away.
Not only was their music tight as shit and exactly what makes me wet, but the band themselves looked like they were actually enjoying playing the show so much. They were having fun on stage and you could totally tell, smiling and joking around with each other behind the mic's, the singer banging into the guitarist and laughing about it, never affecting the performance in the slightest. The relationship between each member was clearly a great one, and I never realized how much that actually affects the show... it's an extremely important piece of the puzzle in order to make magic happen on stage.
Hmm reading that back it sounds like I was doing E all night or something...ha...lovelovelove love is all you need...
Honestly though, I'm going to say it again, they actually blew me away. Hands down one of the top 3 best bands in Toronto right now.
Although I enjoyed their faster songs ten times more, the not-slow-by-any-means-but-not-the-fastest songs were incredible too, and I felt like I was seeing a band I grew up on for the first time, and I've only been listening to them for maybe a year now. They totally surpassed any expectations I had of them being great.
Unfortunately these pictures don't show the superb'ness... WHOMP.
Just my luck, my phone died right before the Copyrights took the stage, and my memory being as shit as it is I rely heavily on taking notes, so instead of trying to hammer into my slightly intoxicated memories of their set, I'm just going to sum it up in a few sentences.
I. Love. Them.
They kicked more ass than Chris James has pounded, and that's a lot.
On the bright side, because my phone was dead I took a lot more pictures so I'm just going to post them all. Granted most of them aren't that great, but hey, I'm not a professional, I'm a writer not a photographer, so suck my dick pervs.

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John Nolan goes solo with Heights.

You would think that after having so much previous success with alternative rock outfits such as Taking Back Sunday and Straylight Run one’s creative well would be close to dry, but not for John Nolan.
Reappearing back on the scene with his debut solo album Heights, this singer/songwriter has proven once again his talent and pure gift for melodies and unquestionable poetry-like lyrics.
The entire album's tone is set by track one, with the use of reversed tracks over what I believe to be sound effect tracks creates this melancholy self-reflective mood which is carried from beginning to end.
Throughout the album John and producer, Mike Sapone (of former Straylight Run fame, as well as Brand New) did an excellent job of creating well-constructed pieces of music that are layered in the perfect order to accompany John's wistful words. With tracks such as "Til it’s Done to Death” and "Here I Am" it’s not hard to see the single potential that is oozing from each chorus. The simple yet stylish and thoughtful lyric construction allows the listener to share the feeling, as well as emote and sing along.
Can I just say that the piano that is strewn within this album is flawless! Yes I do have a soft spot for piano and string instruments, but this album makes my spot softer. Not only the piano alone, but how John's strong vocals pressed against the tender notes of the piano give me that chill only true art can. Just like art, Heights paints a picture in my head that I can easily sketch myself into. Obviously using personal experiences to structure the songs, but like a true songwriter makes each experience equally as personal to the listener.
There is not much more to say about John and his soon to be well received solo project. Not only can each song stand its ground alone, but as an album Heights has contender qualities that will allow John to stand out among the alternative pop rock scene.
I guarantee that if you give heights a listen that you will forget about the previous success of former bands and get a new respect for John and his craft.
Check it out here:

It's Chris James, Bitch!

MicLordz & Sauce Funky

Look at me go, two shows in a row that I didn't miss a single song (at least of the bands I was there to see)! Probably due to the zero drinks consumed before for once... :s Either way, I am going to take this opportunity to award myself 2 points!
Shit yeah!
This sober show was at the Kathedral featuring MicLordz & Sauce Funky on Sunday night, and it was well worth the unintoxicated trip down to Queen and Bathurst.
If you're familiar with MicLordz and think they're good on CD, get ready to have your mind blown when you go see them live, it adds an entirely new dynamic to their songs and energy.
Everything about their image screamed ROCK STARS, and in the least insulting way the singer + rapping reminded me of Kid Rock up their on stage with his shirt fully unbuttoned to flaunt his frontal area, long hair a'flowin'. Actually, hair was
flying all across the stage while they totally rocked out through each song. The small stage didn't seem to phase them, they owned it and made use of every inch of the place.
I honestly could have watched them for hours.
With a rendition of Gin & Juice built into one of the songs, they actually got most of the small Sunday crowd dancing in front of the stage, and everyone still in their seats grooving along with them. Their stage show reminded me of the time I saw Steel Panther in L.A. minus all the zillions of dollars of set, just the band alone was thoroughly entertaining, and oh yeah, the music was fucking tight too.
If you haven't heard them you need to, they're funktastic and I don't see their album leaving my player any time soon after a performance like that.

Go here now:

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The Legendary Misfits and others at Reverb Monday November 2nd.

My heart was pounding and my excitement through the roof as I walked into the Reverb last Monday night (finally after what felt like a year long wait in the "waiting room"..huh?) ecstatic about seeing The Misfits who had been a predominant influence on my life in music.
The originally small stage was set with Misfits gear already, tightly hidden under sheets and banners to build suspense and to in turn rip off the other three bands of half their stage space -- each of which had more than just a 3-piece, thanks guys!
The crowd was small at first, which I wasn't sure if it was due to the rain, the $50 ticket, or the ridiculously early door, but among them was the heartwarming sight of father and son generations both decked out in leather, both excited to see the same band and share the experience... AWW!
The first band to struggle with the tiny stage was The Rock On's, and the second song was a Sex Pistols cover to perfectly display their influences while wittily changing the lyrics slightly to Anarchy in the GTA! With vocal stylings matching Johnny Rotten's they dove right into their third song, Punk Rock Lesbian, and for it the bassist grabbed a mic and a punk rock chick jumped in on the bass, and both her and her mohawk rocked the fuck out of the crowd. Their seven song set was packed with riveting guitar solo's and the cliche punk rock attitude, ending their set with my personal favourite Igor Stole My Bike - a local jab at the recent subject of bike theft in Toronto. Hilarious.
Next came the Stiff Wires from London with fast skate punk sporting a Rancid-like sound (bass lines especially) that teetered between And Out Come The Wolves and Rancid 2000, mixed with Drink Drank Punk (Anti-Flag)-like attitude and speed. At times giving me Guttermouth flashbacks, these young non-horror-punkers struck me as less suited for a Misfits show yet by the end of their set had made a believer out of me... horror punks or not these kids could rock the show and even convince the most cynical Misfits crowd by the end of their set.
The third and final act before the legends took the stage didn't have such luck, at least not with me or most of the people around me trying to find cover at the bar. They were called The Nightmares, and all the hype I've been hearing surrounding this band is BULL SHIT!!! And that's putting it nicely. The high pitched screeching vocals reminded me of Thursday and Cold War Kids fucking loudly and drunkenly in the bed beside me. Admittedly they were actually great musicians, once you could get past the extremely annoying vocals...but by that time it didn't mean much. They actually made me rue the day Video Dead chose roller derby over Misfits, I would have much rather seen them play this show like I heard they were supposed to :(. At the very least the bands name is fitting, although it should read more like (Your Ears Worst) Nightmares. My hatred was made official when I, near the end of their set, removed my hands from covering my ears just long enough to hear the unfortunately hot singer squealing out "we created love that exists on the grave", which I found so lame that I almost left before the Misfits hit the stage.
Part of me still wishes I had.
Sometimes seeing your idols of 10 years ago is the worst decision you could make.. it ruins all your hopes and dreams you had of seeing them as a kid. That pedestal you set them on no longer exists and you feel ripped off, were they always that bad? Probably not, but it's hard to picture them kicking the major ass they must have a decade ago.
Not that the Misfits were quite that bad... just sayin'
Aside from the seemingly fumbled lyrics and bass line by the only remaining original member (a buh?) I can't say they were terrible, but maybe just... confusing. By far not what I expected, and despite a serious hard on for the band in high school their set was almost unrecognizable. From their super sped up renditions of Skulls and American Psycho to their quicker and torn apart version of Saturday Night, the only song that stuck out to me in a good way was actually one of their new songs. Confused yet? Playing all the hits such as 20 Eyes, Attitude, Descending Angel, Die Die My Darling, Dig Up Her Bones, Teenagers From Mars and like 30 other greats, each song was fast paced to shit yet lacked Misfits originality, and I definitely left a little disappointed. The funny thing is, two nights before I had seen a Misfits cover band on Halloween who actually sounded more like the Misfits I once loved.
I guess the moral of the story is... Jerry Only is gay.

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