Another Breath

When I first went to listen to this band on I initially thought they were going to be a shitty alt rock/metal band because of the build up of the bass in the first song, just reminded me of another hard rock band that I'd rather soon forget.

And then the guitar and lyrics kicked in, and I had to do a double take..err, listen?
Not exactly what I was expecting... much much much better.
Turns out they are a legit hardcore punk band, and their hilarious myspace bio describes them the best:
"Too punk for the hardcore kids, too hardcore for the punk kids, too mainstream for the thrash kids, too thrashy for the mainstream kids, too droney for the straight forward kids, too straight forward for the droney kids, too depressing for the posi kids, too posi for the depressed kids. We are a bastardized version of everything you love and everything you hate. We are everything we love and everything we hate."
Awesome, no?

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