The Creepshow - Hypnophonics - Dreadnaughts

4 1/2 bums up out of 5

With Toronto being the 10th stop on the bands cross Canada tour the Reverb started to fill. I found myself saying excuse me as I stepped on some 7 or 8 year old kid (Being drunk I thought it was a midget) Oh the all ages shows pack the venues though don't they! The night opened with the handsome well dressed Hypnophonics doing what they do best. Great energy, great lyrics and screams with pompadours flying all over the place and 3-D glasses making the whole psychobilly experience.

The Dreadnaughts came to life after that. The fun and extremely energetic punk rock and from BC doubled the mosh pit. The marvellous mandolin and fantastic fiddle gave them that familiar & oh so fucking good sound there is no reason to just stand there.. hit someone or something.

Last but not least the home provinces Creepshow ended the night. The crowd shouting the words with the band from all angles of the room & guest appearances from the bassist of the Dreadnaughts pumping the venue with his cardboard cut outs of key words. The set ended with a sing along started by The Creepshow and invited guests from the other 2 bands.

Awesome show- Great Job! Thx to the girl with the Hypno hair & the guy with the sweet sweet Stash.

Miss D

(INTRODUCING OUR NEW WRITER, MISS SARAH DELANEY, THANKS SARAH!!! Not to be confused with me... also named Sarah with an H.)