Dead To Me

What does former members of One Man Army + Fat Wreck Chords + Producer Alex Newport (At The Drive-In/Locust) amount to?
One wicked ass punk rock band called Dead To Me, that's what!

Singing about addiction and recovery, as well as real world issues like the war in Iraq, their upbeat melodic borderline hardcore style is more than just music to my ears... it's crack for my ears. (This reference is probably ill-humored considering the topics of most songs... but hey, it works!)

For fans of bands like Cobra Skulls, None More Black, Dillinger Four etc etc etc I recommend visiting the entire album stream up on You will not be disappointed.

"Liebe Liese" deserves a notable shout out as it's probably the most addicting (shit there I go again) song I've heard all week.. which may not seem like much unless you consider the fact that I hear at least 10 new bands each day.

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