Jaguar Love

It's clear from the second the vocals hit that this is former Blood Brothers singer Johnny Whitney paired again with former Blood Brothers guitarist Cody Votolato in a new, much less abrasive, electro project called Jaguar Love.
With 60's style retro breakdowns thrown into songs like "I Started A Fire" (my personal favourite) they keep the Blood Brothers unique vocal characteristics but add a more pop infused background that you can get down and dance to.
Although the unrelenting, off the wall vocals do remain similar to their 5 albums as BB, the music itself couldn't be further from the old sound. If you take away the singing in each track the relation between the two bands would be lost, and you'd probably expect to hear this music in a grungy club late at night.
Considering I was a HUGE Blood Brothers fan before they officially called it quits in 2007, and I loves me any excuse to dance in my seat at work, I automatically am in lust with this new band.

Check them out on their myspace.

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