John Nolan goes solo with Heights.

You would think that after having so much previous success with alternative rock outfits such as Taking Back Sunday and Straylight Run one’s creative well would be close to dry, but not for John Nolan.
Reappearing back on the scene with his debut solo album Heights, this singer/songwriter has proven once again his talent and pure gift for melodies and unquestionable poetry-like lyrics.
The entire album's tone is set by track one, with the use of reversed tracks over what I believe to be sound effect tracks creates this melancholy self-reflective mood which is carried from beginning to end.
Throughout the album John and producer, Mike Sapone (of former Straylight Run fame, as well as Brand New) did an excellent job of creating well-constructed pieces of music that are layered in the perfect order to accompany John's wistful words. With tracks such as "Til it’s Done to Death” and "Here I Am" it’s not hard to see the single potential that is oozing from each chorus. The simple yet stylish and thoughtful lyric construction allows the listener to share the feeling, as well as emote and sing along.
Can I just say that the piano that is strewn within this album is flawless! Yes I do have a soft spot for piano and string instruments, but this album makes my spot softer. Not only the piano alone, but how John's strong vocals pressed against the tender notes of the piano give me that chill only true art can. Just like art, Heights paints a picture in my head that I can easily sketch myself into. Obviously using personal experiences to structure the songs, but like a true songwriter makes each experience equally as personal to the listener.
There is not much more to say about John and his soon to be well received solo project. Not only can each song stand its ground alone, but as an album Heights has contender qualities that will allow John to stand out among the alternative pop rock scene.
I guarantee that if you give heights a listen that you will forget about the previous success of former bands and get a new respect for John and his craft.
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