The Legendary Misfits and others at Reverb Monday November 2nd.

My heart was pounding and my excitement through the roof as I walked into the Reverb last Monday night (finally after what felt like a year long wait in the "waiting room"..huh?) ecstatic about seeing The Misfits who had been a predominant influence on my life in music.
The originally small stage was set with Misfits gear already, tightly hidden under sheets and banners to build suspense and to in turn rip off the other three bands of half their stage space -- each of which had more than just a 3-piece, thanks guys!
The crowd was small at first, which I wasn't sure if it was due to the rain, the $50 ticket, or the ridiculously early door, but among them was the heartwarming sight of father and son generations both decked out in leather, both excited to see the same band and share the experience... AWW!
The first band to struggle with the tiny stage was The Rock On's, and the second song was a Sex Pistols cover to perfectly display their influences while wittily changing the lyrics slightly to Anarchy in the GTA! With vocal stylings matching Johnny Rotten's they dove right into their third song, Punk Rock Lesbian, and for it the bassist grabbed a mic and a punk rock chick jumped in on the bass, and both her and her mohawk rocked the fuck out of the crowd. Their seven song set was packed with riveting guitar solo's and the cliche punk rock attitude, ending their set with my personal favourite Igor Stole My Bike - a local jab at the recent subject of bike theft in Toronto. Hilarious.
Next came the Stiff Wires from London with fast skate punk sporting a Rancid-like sound (bass lines especially) that teetered between And Out Come The Wolves and Rancid 2000, mixed with Drink Drank Punk (Anti-Flag)-like attitude and speed. At times giving me Guttermouth flashbacks, these young non-horror-punkers struck me as less suited for a Misfits show yet by the end of their set had made a believer out of me... horror punks or not these kids could rock the show and even convince the most cynical Misfits crowd by the end of their set.
The third and final act before the legends took the stage didn't have such luck, at least not with me or most of the people around me trying to find cover at the bar. They were called The Nightmares, and all the hype I've been hearing surrounding this band is BULL SHIT!!! And that's putting it nicely. The high pitched screeching vocals reminded me of Thursday and Cold War Kids fucking loudly and drunkenly in the bed beside me. Admittedly they were actually great musicians, once you could get past the extremely annoying vocals...but by that time it didn't mean much. They actually made me rue the day Video Dead chose roller derby over Misfits, I would have much rather seen them play this show like I heard they were supposed to :(. At the very least the bands name is fitting, although it should read more like (Your Ears Worst) Nightmares. My hatred was made official when I, near the end of their set, removed my hands from covering my ears just long enough to hear the unfortunately hot singer squealing out "we created love that exists on the grave", which I found so lame that I almost left before the Misfits hit the stage.
Part of me still wishes I had.
Sometimes seeing your idols of 10 years ago is the worst decision you could make.. it ruins all your hopes and dreams you had of seeing them as a kid. That pedestal you set them on no longer exists and you feel ripped off, were they always that bad? Probably not, but it's hard to picture them kicking the major ass they must have a decade ago.
Not that the Misfits were quite that bad... just sayin'
Aside from the seemingly fumbled lyrics and bass line by the only remaining original member (a buh?) I can't say they were terrible, but maybe just... confusing. By far not what I expected, and despite a serious hard on for the band in high school their set was almost unrecognizable. From their super sped up renditions of Skulls and American Psycho to their quicker and torn apart version of Saturday Night, the only song that stuck out to me in a good way was actually one of their new songs. Confused yet? Playing all the hits such as 20 Eyes, Attitude, Descending Angel, Die Die My Darling, Dig Up Her Bones, Teenagers From Mars and like 30 other greats, each song was fast paced to shit yet lacked Misfits originality, and I definitely left a little disappointed. The funny thing is, two nights before I had seen a Misfits cover band on Halloween who actually sounded more like the Misfits I once loved.
I guess the moral of the story is... Jerry Only is gay.

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