Paper Lions @ Edge 102 on Saturday November 14th.

As I stepped foot into the Edge 102 on that chilly Saturday evening I wasn’t expecting a whole lot of excitement. Paper Lions were set to go on in less than 5 min, according to 1 of the only 3 people in the small radio station. After taking a listen to what the Paper Lions had on their MySpace, I wasn’t fully enthused about going as the song didn’t necessarily tickle my "pink".
Slowly a few more people start to saunter in but then walked right back out as we were told to step outside while the band does their sound check. While I was finishing my 2nd smoke around the corner I finally hear the sliding glass doors open to the street. As I turn the corner, BAM, a crowd that I would never have though could materialize was packing their way into the edge. As the crowd was losing their shit, I managed to squeeze into a comfortable spot so I could see what all the fuss was about.
From song one Paper Lions showed my skeptical ass a thing or two about how to "bring it"...yah I said it...WHAT?!? I would never have expected anything like what these guys offered. With catchy rhythm guitar that is complimented by some of the most amazing, pants wetting guitar solos I have heard in ages I now see what all that fuss was about. I also have to tip my cap to the bass player who is half of the back bone of the band, but also to the drummer who beat the shit out of the drums and displayed one sick solo. I believe at one time he had 3 drum sticks going... he's good with his hands ladies. But of course I can’t forget the powerful yet delicate voice that layered perfectly with the rest of the band. The crowd, myself included, was eating it up and it hard not to see why. The clever word structure and sing-a-long quality of each song kept the energy at 11. With the occasional tickle of the keys, tambourine smash and the use of feedback and sustained notes that added an element which had me swooning!!!
To sum the night up, it was one powerful display of raw talent! I want to apologize to the boys in Paper Lions for having limited faith in them before I got to experience their live show. These guys are some highly skilled musicians how have perfectly crafted some of the best indie rock I have heard in quite some time. If you haven’t seen, or are skeptical like I was, take the chance, experience what the Paper Lions have to offer and you won’t regret it. Trust me, after one song I was a changed man....a more loving man! HA. Keep up the conversion rate, oh and the great music!

Side Note:
I also wanted to give a honorable mention to the guitarist's shirt...
It was a long sleeve button up that had a desert-like setting on it with what I believe to be a cowgirl riding a white stallion .... AMAZING!

It's Chris James, Bitch!