Top 20 Songs from MusicSheBlogged 2009:

Year 2009 is coming to an end, and before it does I feel like I need to jump on the bandwagon and make a list of some sort.
Instead of simply making a list of songs that I've loved throughout this year and nobody else cares about, I think it would be better suited to make a list of songs from the bands who have been featured as either Band Of The Week or in a review... of course the songs will still be the ones that I love the most from their 2009 albums... Jealous?

So, here it is, MusicSheBlogged's first official year end list ever...with genres of all kinds and colours, and in a very loosely based order... feast your eyes on this fuckers!

*drum roll please*

20. The Scene Aesthetic - Love Story (Taylor Swift Cover) - Album: Rockin' Romance (various)
I know what you're thinking, A TAYLOR FUCKING SWIFT COVER? THIS LIST IS BUUULLLL SHIIIT. Well yes, but calm the fuck down already, it is at number 20, and I really like the way they've done the song, two singers, cute voices, cute version, cute enough to make #20, and trust me this is the first and last cover, and the first and last mention of Taylor Swift in this list so it's safe to read on.

19. YStereo - I Know You Know - Album: What's Real Anyways
Although I only heard this song recently, it gets stuck in my head like a son-of-a-bitch and I can't stop listening to it. A pop/punk/emo/rock clapalong bone-ified boner-maker.

18. Mewithoutyou - Goodbye, I! - Album: It's All Crazy! It's All False! It's All A Dream! It's Alright
Consider this my indie-rock surprise, my lil minority! Still catchy as shit though and a solid song.

17. The Summer Set - Young - Album: Love Like This
I am not a club type of slut whatsoever, I hate clubby music for the most part on top of everything else about 'em, but when I listen to this song it makes me want to be front and center on the dance floor with all those gino assholes hitting on me while I ignore them and sing my lungs out to this song, and any song that could make me even consider stepping foot in somewhere like Circa deserves a spot on the list... not that any club would ever play this but that's not the fucking point, stay with me people... yeesh.

16. MicLordz & Sauce Funky - Roll Wit' Me - Album: Sunset Ammunition
Although this album came out in 2008 I think, slightly breaking the rules, I did get to see them for the first time and review the show in 2009, and this song stuck out with me so you know what, it's going on the list! Funky, upbeat, energetic, and super bad ass. You'll love it.

15. Imadethismistake - My Sins - Album: Tomorrow We Start New
Okay, this album was first released in 2007 BUT re-recorded and re-released in 2009.. I love loop holes. This pop punk/folky mostly-acoustic song is probably one of the most unique on this list. His voice and the style is a lot different than what I usually talk about, and to understand you'll just have to hear it. The lyrics are everything.

14. The Flatliners - Filthy Habits - Album: Cynics
Just when I thought I was over the Flatliners they come out with this new track on their myspace and even if just for the vocals alone I friggin' love it. And I can't listen to sad songs anymore so it's perfect.

13. The Cheap Shot Artists - Life Indefinite - Album: TBD
Members of my old favourite Western Canada punk acts 20 Pound Shovel form a new band, and although they only have two songs up so far, this one is wicked and has me checking back daily for news on the new album!

12. Weatherbox - I Haven't Kissed A Guy In Light Years - Album: The Cosmic Drama
Even just for the name alone this song rocks. Wicked cool band.

11. Man Overboard - Love Your Friends Die Laughing - Album: Hung Up On Nothing
It's like a singalong where you don't even need to sing along because... everybody else is...

10. Heartsounds - The Song Inside Me - Album: Until We Surrender
Great punk band, even better female vocals, best I've heard mesh with male vocals in this type of music actually.

9. You Me At Six - Always Attract - Album: Save It For The Bedroom
While we're on the subject of female and male vocalists, this song actually fucking makes me want to cry it's so good... absolutely nothing like the rest of this bands shit, it's slower, it's beautiful... and the melodies between girl and boy singer gave me an eargasm every time.

8. Set Your Goals - Gaia Bleeds - Album: This Will Be The Death Of Us
I know not a lot of people were huge fans of this last album, but seriously this song sounds like the Refused. Need I say more?

7. Lucero - Can't Feel A Thing - Album: 1372 Overton Park
They rock out, they look like bikers, they love whiskey, yet they can still write a beautiful (anti) love song... wowzers.

6. The New Enemy - Tim Horton Hears A Who - Album: Shakedown EP
Not something you'd expect to hear out of fairly new band out of Toronto, sooo good. Think Avail/Kid Dynamite. Mmmm.

5. Down With Webster - Your Man - Album: Time To Win Vol.1
This was the song of the (end of the) summer, catchy, fun, upbeat, and with hilarious lines in it. This is probably the most played song in my house between me and my roommates. One everybody can enjoy!

4. Fake Problems - Diamond Rings - Album: It's Great To Be Alive
By far the band I was most excited about this year, and this song I have yet to get sick of after almost a year of heavy rotation.

3. Transit - Stay Home - Album: Stay Home
I can't get enough of this song. That's all I really have to say about it. Love everything about it, the whole album is great but the title track is just killer buddy!

2. Outbreak - Sedate Me - Album: Outbreak

DUDE, IT'S CALLED 'BULLETPROOF TIGER'... I MEAN COME ON!! OF COURSE IT'S NUMBER ONE. It's heavy as shit, not as pussy as the last album, fucking the guitar is crazy in it... all in all, definitely #1 material.

Why? It's about shots dummy. DUH!

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