YStereos - What's Real Anyways

So I just recently stumbled upon this band whilst lurking purevolume.com, which just happens to be a goldmine for people like me who loooove their pop punk. Don’t hate, don’t hate! They’re called YStereo, not to be confused with Canada’s very own Stereos (notice the lack of ‘Y’ in the latter, as well as the addition of the ‘s’, we don’t want to get confused again like that Attack Attack +!’s fiasco) and although they are probably considered in the same poppy emo punk style genre as their ‘Stereo’ rivals, I like to consider them about 78% less cheesy and hmm let’s say with about a 91% better quality of writing…huh? (Oh, and Disband didn’t rewrite half their songs either that I know of).
Their well-constructed emo-pop-rock-whatever songs appeal to the part of me who still holds on to clap-a-longs, and jumps for joy not-so-deep down inside of me at the end of the “Damn Right” (#1). It also features the ever so popular school/gym yard noises with whistles a’blowin’ and girls a’cheerin’ or a’chantin’, which I am noticing in a lot more songs recently by bands like Cobra Starship and TV/TV.. Thanks Gwen Stefani?
I get the feeling that this is a younger band, I can’t remember the picture on the site right now and I don’t care that much to look but despite a possibly younger source for the lyrics I still find myself relating to their songs.. Ew that’s, like, totally so like, high school of me. Gross. Go back to livejournal!
The lyrics throughout the album feel a lot more ‘in-your-face’ than the, typical to this genre, sort of whiny ‘let-me-hide-my-face … with-my-sweepy-hollow-hair-style’ lyrics, yet they still manage to throw in boy band like breakdowns like at the end of “The Real You” (#2), and I liiiiike it, though I was an avid BSB fan back in the day (still have them on my computer *cough*) so maybe my opinion is invaluable! :) hehe.
The third track,“I know, You Know”, is by far my favourite due to the high levels of groovy-boppin-dance vibe and sexy connotations, (‘touch myself pretending you were there’… hehe story of my life…kiiiiddddiinnnnnggg). Their lyrics are honest, and I think that’s a lot of the draw for me. Ku ku ka chu!
While the first few tracks were legit, after that some of the album started to fade into the background on me, but the sound of the guitar on “Further Away From Me” (#6) - so sweet and so serene, so pretty - totally redeemed the album and especially the song alone, and when I thought it would get no better the ‘Na, na na na, na na na na na na na’ s came in and I was swept back off into high school la la land.
I have to admit, they kind of lost me again with “A Bad Man” but quite frankly if any of my friends heard this album chances are this track would be their favourite.
I have dubbed “Your Moment” (#8) as my motivational song as of right now, this is my moment bitches – make it or break it!
And as long as we’re being honest, I feel that in regards to this album (obviously) my least favourite songs are either ones where I love the music/beat, but am not too fussy on the lyrics (ex:#7) or the exact opposite (ex:#8)… as far as I’m concerned one outta two ain’t bad, and as long as you’ve got that something that draws people back to it then you're golden.
Some of the lyrics do get sort of cheesy, it is pop punk after all, but it’s done in a smart and clever way that makes it easily accepted, and although not shown off to his full extent the singer has a great range that he breaks into more often towards the end of the album and is definitely deserved of some praise. The beautiful vocals in “The Anchor” (#10) get personal, and with the mood and style switching more than once in the beginning it keeps you in suspense to what direction the song will go in. The play of the instruments behind the vocals in the title track (#11) is so complimentary and taken to a new level when the female vocals come in on top of the building drums in the background. Turning into the unexpected rock song, the strings in the back give the song a solid back bone, a brilliant show-stopper… the track I’d anticipate seeing live over all.
Ending the album with “The New Year” they start off with bells and chimes and shit, instilling the automatic Holiday warmth in me that gets me every time (Christmas is my favourite time of year) and although the lyrics aren’t merry, the spirit of the song still is and it put a smile on my face. Yay Christmas Heartbreak!

Definitely worth a listen, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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