The Bravery - Stir The Blood (Out Today)

When I came across The Bravery's new single "Slow Poison" it had my toe tapping and kinda peaked my interest in their new release Stir the Blood. I am not going to lie and say that I am a big fan or that I even fully listened to their previous release The Sun and The Moon (sorry guys). Although I do admit that I had a secret love affair with the bands first single "Honest Mistake", and conducted frequent solo dance parties in my bedroom. What?! I was young and in love. But after hitting repeat on the new single and stumbling on the information that John Hall (worked with such artist as Santigold) was set to co-produce alongside The Bravery's front man Sam Endicott. My standards were now set but I was hoping that they would be surpassed.
After having a listen to each track in their entirety my hopes were not crushed but they were defiantly not reached. From the start it seems as though the band has a good idea with each track but their potential has not been full reached. At times I feel completely involved in the music and by the time I reach the chorus I am not even paying attention. Although the chorus of most tracks can be called catchy I find them so simple it’s hard not to be catchy. Alongside the fact that the lyrics seem a little elementary, The Bravery could use some more melody play between the synth/keyboards and the vocals. There were some body chill moments throughout the album but the emotion and feeling could have been amplified 10 fold if there was just an extra something added by the band, or even another layer of vocals. At time it also feels like the band was playing it safe, as though they found their sound in 2005 and didn’t want to fix something that wasn’t necessarily broken.
Not to say that Stir the Blood was all bad, it actually had me bobbin my head throughout. With redeeming tracks like "Jack-o-lantern Man" and "I Have Seen The Future" which offer up a dark but dancy zazz that I was looking for. You also get to see the vocal range that Endicott is packing. Also an honourable mention to "HateFuck", with lyrics about rough sex what’s not to like!
After getting the final dose of The Bravery as they end their album with "Sugar Pill", I feel a little let down but not fully surprise. Stir of Blood offers up a sombre yet dance able collection of songs that are perfect for "stancing" (stancing= stand + dancing). With two feet planted on the grown and a good left to right sway going on I will yet again be conducting a solo dance party as I hit repeat on a select few tracks on this album. I suggest making a stop on the bands MySpace and have a listen, you may have a different opinion. Also have a look that their videos, always good for some artsy shots.

It's Chris James Bitch!