Cuff The Duke on MTV Live

Yeah, that's right, I watched MTV Live last night (Monday November 30th), so what.
I'm fucking glad I did too because otherwise I probably wouldn't have even thought of listening to Cuff The Duke's latest album, Way Down Here.
Not that I wasn't a fan prior to this CD, I've always loved these guys but this punk rawk phase of mine is never-ending... until now.
The second I heard the band play the song "It's All A Blur" live on MTV it snapped me right out of my punk obsession of late (by late I mean always).
At least for the span of the album, a few times through.
They performed the track "It's All A Blur" and immediately caught my attention. Starting off the tune reminded me of The Turtles "Happy Together" song, and the deepest vocals sound identical to Gordon Downie's part in City & Colour's "Sleeping Sickness", which just happens to be the ONLY song I've ever appreciated Downie's voice, as well as the only song I've ever really loved from C&C.
Already we're off to a good start.
Right away I went to the bands Myspace where they have the entire album streaming.
Every single track is epic.
The Hayden-like melodies remain proof of their Canadian folk roots while each song is a combination of chilling, haunting, gorgeous harmonies.
The further into the album I listen the more my heart warms to their sound, which expands over many genres while staying true to their folky core.
With vocals that sound light years older than the singer really is, guitar progressions that make you think Rock N Roll baby, and the sound of the pounding drums equivalent to penis pounding vagina, I honestly can say that for the rest of the day, maybe even week, this album will not leave my headphones.

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