Devendra Banhart and the Grogs

5 bums out of 5

Have you ever seen Devendra Banhart? ... Have you ever seen Devendra Banhart on weed? ...General admission with theater seating... what am I 40? Thank god that changed quick enough, first song started and the crowd fled to the front out of there parents seating arrangement and hit the stage. It was pretty funny especially in slow motion ... everything to me that night was in slow motion.

The vibe was fucking quality, the love was pouring out of Devendra like breast milk from the mama wolf. They played a show but also told a story. Little intermissions of save this kid... I used to be homeless... Interesting, a musician with a sort of complicated past. They played beautifully, kind of like a band made of family members. 5 out of 5 have solo acts & other groups they're a part of. Besides Devendra, the remaining members played their new songs for us. Good for them because they support each other but for one of them it sounded as if Devendra was one of his biggest influences and it was kind of odd I mean ya I look up to my dad and stuff but it just seams a bit musically incestuous.

In the end, all in all,l I loved Devendras jazz hands, loved the tree dancers waiving there hairy arms & there beads, loved the music, and loved all the love.

Awesome show! Great job! Thank you to the guy with "J" for Jeorge and thanks to the girl with the off beat dance moves. To everyone everywhere.

The Softer Side of Miss D