Even the non-punkers like it... The Roman Line review part 2.

So seriously all I have been hearing about for a few weeks now is this band that my besty, Sarah "I do what I want", keeps talking about, The Roman Line... Well she finally twisted my arm (literally) into listening to their album Morning Portraits and I have to say ... for a band that I have never heard of, I am finding myself hitting repeat a few times on more than just a couple tracks. The Roman Line have packed their album with well constructed pub punk style jigs that keeps my feet moving and the beer flowing. Sceptical at first yes, but now can say that with one solid listen The Roman Line has yet again gained another follower. With basic yet catchy and singalbe lyrics, that can relate to almost anyone, especially those of you who are familiar with Toronto. With the back bone of the band complimenting the lead singers Bruce “the Boss” Springsteen sounding voice it’s easy to see why listeners fall in love so easily. From track one The Roman Line had my attention and kept it throughout. Do your ear drums a favour and take a listen to Morning Portraits and I sware you won’t want regret it, this coming from somebody who left their love for punk rock back in his high school locker.

It's Chris James Bitch.