King Khan & BBQ .. Blood Shot Bill

4 bums out of 5

My whole plan was to write this as soon as the show was done. I even jotted down words that explained the moments that I was having; smells that would trigger the feeling. Pretty soon I was feeling the beer. And my writing went something like: Red lights, fusion inspired, Honky Tonk, King Cry baby we love you, as you can see I should maybe start over.

I review what happens, excuse me happened at the show, so this is going to be about what I saw not necessarily what I expected. What I mean by this is that I went to see a one man band I said to my friend "Dude this guy he's playing with his feet and his hands and dude, a one man band" When I swayed into Lee's it wasn't the case, he had a whole band. I am kind of sad because of this but, and a huge butt, the band was great. Blood Shot's hips were tantalizing, Forest Gump had shit on this guy. The drummer at one point was standing on his seat beating like animal from the Muppets. Also this man had to be at least 45. Bloods wine & wale hit all sides of the room, that's what I came here for. The added touch of the saxophone was just perfect & quickly became necessary. These 4 men dressed to kill, packed the venue & I realized Toronto crowds don't suck, everyone was moving.

A bunch more beers later here came King Khan & BBQ. BBQ was wearing a beautiful Genie inspired skirt and hat with a stunning gem, finishing off his drummers look wearing gold tights. King Khan was going for more of a bed rock look by showing off his legs and tattered dress with a signature bone necklace and lovely blue bob hair cut. When they entered the stage the crowd rejoiced. The 2 of them battled with there voices and in the end they both went home with the gold. The fast tempo and quick words made them the perfect couple. It's always brilliant when everyone knows the words I didn't but thank god they used so many private parts in there songs, I knew more lyrics then I thought. Perfect tempo great vocals from both Khan and BBQ.

Awesome Show! Great Job!

Thanks to the girl with the one piece & place for my boyfriends junk below her clavicle, thanks to the guy that is missing most of his front teeth for the bolo tie.

Miss D.