My Christmas present to you is a band called The Wonder Years. With refreshingly honest lyrics, catchy choruses, and flashbacks to Brand New’s first album full of singalongs and poppy hooks, I guarantee you will not be disappointed when you open this gift at their myspace. Each song is brutally candid and down to earth, singing what you’re thinking in all those pivotal moments of your high school life, and the not-so-pivotal too; bringing a new day-to-day subgenre to the whole realistic pop punk style. Featuring hands down my favourite original Christmas song by a lesser known band this holiday season, one done acoustically with a beautiful female voice joining the duel vocal party. The bands attitude in full is portrayed through their “Upside” campaign on their myspace, that says fuck fml’s, let’s celebrate the good things that happen to you day by day. Great idea guys, Kudos! This is a band I lend my full support to, and I hope they get far!

Happy Holidays Bitches!!

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