Shock Value-less 2.

So Timbaland is back with another solo piece of **fart noise with my mouth**. He starts off on the right foot by naming it Shock Value 2; least he is not trying to hide the fact that this album is the fraternal twin to the original Shock Value. Despite a few new artists and possibly a few new samples this new release could easily be confused for the previous.
Timbaland has brought back Shock Value alumni Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado and to be honest have created two of the best tracks on the album with them. Although "Carry On" and "Morning After Dark" are very similar sounding to the songs that Timberland had released about 2 years ago with these artist, it’s a sound that you come to know from Timberland and can be called a guilty pleasure.
It’s really hard to say the same for the rest of the album. With appearances by obvious choices Drake and Katy Perry which aren’t horrible tracks but I wouldn’t go out of my way to listen to them again. There are also a few elephants in Timbaland’s studio, when he teams up with Canadian songstress Esthero and those soft rockers The Fray on the track "Undertow". Let me be honest for one second, if Timbaland hadn’t touched this track The Fray would have a new single featuring Esthero.
We get another "pickles and peanut butter" combo when Timbo teams up with Hannah Montana’s slutty alter ego. That’s right children Miley Cyrus lays down a "vocal track" as well as brought what sounds like a "Party in the USA" instrumental track for Timbaland to add his signature Midi horns and **wicky wicky** mouth scratching. But wait it gets better, Timberland reached into the washed up rock star grab bag and got both Chad Kroeger and the entire band Jet. I think this is just better left unsaid.
Now the whole album wasn’t a steaming pile, the tracks I mentioned with JT and Nelly were good pump up/get down songs. Also, "The One I Love", that he does with Keri Hilson and D.O.E is a pretty good banger, and if were in a bar one drunken night could totally see myself lifting my shirt.
When it comes down to it, I could barely sit through this album but did not want to miss anything, hoping *fingers crossed* Timbaland does something innovative. Like Shock Value 1 was almost 3 years ago. I am not going to recommend you purchase this album, unless you have a good listen to if first. Stop by Timbaland's MySpace have a listen to the tracks... maybe you will fall in love with the uglier less innovative of the twins.

It's Chris James Bitch.