The Ultraviolet Side of Kid Sister

Ladies and gentlemen press on your acrylic nails, make sure you weave is tight and get your right hand hi cause finally we have a full length album from the Chi town sweet heart Kid Sister. After almost two years of waiting, Kid Sis has me digging through my closet for a pair of sensible pumps to stomp down the side walk while blasting to her album. From song one, I couldn’t stop doing the Harlem shuffle around the floor while pumping my fist and fixing my hair.
Ultraviolet is an amazing mix of bubble gum pop and grimy club booty bass, but unlike typical pop music Sis replaces the usual 'baby’s' with 'guurrrl' and 'N bomb' which I die for! Kid Sister defiantly has a grip on the mic, not missing a beat up against a lot of male rappers out there. As well as serving up a wicked collection of danceable after danceable tracks, what she doesn’t offer up is a album full of other artists *cough cough** Timbaland. With only two phenomenal cameo's, one by Kanye West on the track “Pro Nails” (which was the original single released with video) and by Estelle on “Steps”, who is famous for "American Boy" Feat. Kanye West, funny enough.
Kid Sister had a plan when making this album and it involved SIQ beats and dirty girl lyrics and I must say the outcome is fucking fly ... yah I said fly ... take a listen and you will totally understand. With straight up grimy dance tracks like “Switchboard” and “54321” Sis show us she can keep a party going... but then offers up the softer side of her dirty club music with “Daydreaming” and “Life On T.V” and allows us dancers to take a break and maybe have a slow sway in the middle of the club. HA.
If your looking for a party album this is it...don’t believe me ... check out Kid Sister MySpace! If you like what you hear, have a look for the rare tracks “Let Me BangXXXchange Remix" and "Telephone Freestyle (TTC)", they are just a few hidden internet gems that the fans will defiantly eat up!

It's Chris James Bitch.