Who I'm Listening To This Week

Looking for some new music?
Well look no further, because I've done the looking for you.
Most of this will be punk, surprise surprise, but all of these bands are fucking wicked and I encourage all you pricks to check them out.

1. The Roman Line.
I've probably written enough about this band already this week but I honestly haven't taken their new album off repeat on my Ipod since I saw them on Sunday. Pub-style punk rock with Irish roots? Newfie roots? Country? Meh.

2. We The Kings.
Cheesy? Yes. Lame? No. They appeal to the 16 year old emo/pop/punk lover in me with their fresh new album Smile Kid.

3. Shared Arms.
Also played on Sunday, and I've already written about them, but straight up now baby I'm going to love them forever, this ain't no hit and run.

4. New Idea Society.
Hallelujah a band that ain't punk. Lord have mercy. Indie rock is the best way to describe them I guess... the vocals kind of sound like Saves The Day.

5. Junior Battles.
Again, have already talked about how great this band is from Sunday's show, but honestly even as I'm listening to them for the purpose of making this list I am posed with the problem of now having to stop listening to them to finish... and I really don't wanna... waaaaaaaaaaaaaa. End of list... jk

6. Late Nite Wars.
Pop punk at it's finest, fun without being stupid.

7. Anthony Raneri.
Singer from Bayside. Solo project. Sounds like Dustin Kensrue (Thrice). Touring with Dustin Kensrue. Only has one song up on his myspace but it's really worth hearing.

8. Bane.
I don't think I need to tell most of you about Bane. But I will say this... I never was a huge fan before now, but I really like their new song (which is up on the myspace). Does that mean that they suck now according to all you punk snobs? Probably. Fuck you, I love it.

9. The Riot Before.
This band reminds me of Dustin Kensrue's solo stuff but as if done with a band, if that makes any sense... 'So not punk, it's punk' according to their myspace tag.

10. Into It. Over It.
Indie-emo-rock. Sounds vaguely like Death Cab For Cutie, but not as much like Death Cab as that rip-off fuck Owl City. Super cute, music for appreciation.

Cheers fuckers.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.