The Daylight Agency!

The older I get the less faith I have in people younger than me. Despite knowing a lot of bands my age with serious talent when I was 16 I now find myself blown away when I hear a group of 16 and 17 year olds playing music good enough to make me drool. It might be the unfortunate realization you come to after a lot of years and a ton of musician friends, seeing the best bands fall apart because of the unstoppable "growing up" that inevitably happens to tweens and teens.
At the same time my love for Emo/pop/punk music is basically at the level of a preteen's obsession with the Buttstreet Boys, or more recently the Schmonas Brothers, and so it's no surprise that I fell for this young in age (but not in talent) band called The Daylight Agency.
With only an EP out since forming in July 2009 they already have cemented themselves a seat on my Ipod playlist, and after numerous times listening to it I still am having a hard time believing that these guys are only 16 and 17 years old.
I have to say I love everything about them, from their funny song titles, their catchy guitar/bass hooks and sexy vocals (shit, does that make me a pedophile?), their cute "rap" breakdown, and the drums that beat right alongside my heart. Each song stands out against the last, making this short album impossible not to loop, and although typical of the emopopunk genre the lyrics don't actually scream high school to me like most other older bands.
Reminding me a lot of With The Punches (a band I cannot stop mentioning apparently) these guys are tight and I can't wait to hear more.
i hope to Batman that these guys make it somewhere and are still together when they hit their 20's, and if they ever breach the border and tour Canada I can already tell it'd be one sweet ass sweet show to see.

Worth The Fight EP
1. Fun Times At The Water Parks
2. That'll Do Donkey, That'll Do
3. Crunk 'Til Death
4. Finish Him, Raichu!

Check them out on their Myspace here!

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