The Doe's oh dear!!

Straight up, a good friend of mine is a member of this spectacular new band from Vancouver BC, so because I don't normally do this I will fully admit that this review is 100% bias. HOWEVER, 0% of it is a lie. You do the math.
Anyway, they're called The Doe's and basically all I have to say is ... "Oh yeah, baby baby baby baby oh yeah!"
Each song is like a tug of war between my left side and my right, and I'm rooting for both. From serenely arousing spaced out bluesy heaven to rockin' jam sessions reminiscent of something you'd long to play on Guitar Hero while stuck at your desk at work, each song I've heard so far displays something that the last 30 years have been seriously lacking.
I feel like the correct method of enjoying this band would be somewhere in the realm of hallucinogenic drug ingestion, yet when it comes down to it and all you have is a few green beans that aren't the magic kind you still end up doing no wrong. Even trying to write this I'm getting lost in each song as their myspace player repeats itself.
Friend or 'fuck you', this band kicks ass.

"God!...Look at him rip!...His fingers go from here to China, man! It's like a skeletal boardwalk across the ocean!"

I love it, I love it, I love it.
Okay maybe I'm getting a little too carried away now, but it feels like somebody is getting sweaty in the bathroom... the Wendy's bathroom... The Doe's sound like how sweaty in the Wendy's bathroom feels.

Please check them out.
(Coming to Toronto summer 2010)
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