Jesse Labelle, I see right through you.

As I was getting ready for work this morning I was flipping back and forth between CTV and CITY TV morning news (I'm a headlines whore) and stumbled upon a performance on City by Toronto pop/indie-rock artist Jesse Labelle. At first I found him fairly attractive so I put a hold on my ADD channel changing to watch him, but after a few seconds his picture perfect industry manufactured, label bred performance made me sick, enraged at how his packaged appearance is destroying the whole point behind music these days.
From the one song I saw him play this morning (watch the video here) it was obvious that he embodied everything that is wrong with the industry right now. His mediocre, radio friendly, typical hits wrapped up in a pretty bundle of strategically placed scarves over wrinkle-free V-necks, topped off with over practiced love making looks towards the camera that screams "girls, fall in love with me, not my music".
I used to want to be a band manager or work for a label, but each chance I have gotten in either field has completely turned me off when I saw first hand how much the appearance of the artists matter so much more than the music itself.. a particular experience with my best friends band and how their sponsored clothing and the way they look on stage was more of a topic of discussion than the way their songs sounded to the audience at each show.. ugh, it's pathetic, and Jesse Labelle seems to be the perfect example of this.
His talent means nothing, in all honesty I don't think he's a half bad singer/guitarist, aside from his songs being boring as fuck and sounding as if he just threw together all these different cutesy lines that girls will flaunt over and made songs out of them Ghostwriter style. It struck me that had he or his label spent half as much time writing songs as they did dressing him he might actually be pretty good, but that's not the case. The sad thing is that 99% of fans (99% of that 99% being female) eat this shit up and don't realize that these artists might as well be a cardboard cut out of what labels think is important: appearance as opposed to the actual music.

Fuck it!
This is why I'm a critic not a label rep.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.