First the captain of Wales’ national rugby team The Wales Lions comes out, and now this? Two new bands springing up are Young Governor and Golden Girls. Both bands have fallen into the Pitchfork lo-fi trap and feature members of early to mid 2000’s hardcore bands No Warning (Toronto) and Death Threat (Connecticut). Is it just me or does anyone else find this hilarious?

Young Governor is the brain child of ex-No Warning’s Ben Cook (who’s also been affiliated with Fucked Up, the Bitters and Marvelous Darlings). Maybe a couple years ago he was tired of touring with Linkin Park and decided to go underground again? Cook plays all the instruments on this album and did a good job of keeping it lo-fi and gritty. Young Governor still has an edge though, not tough-guy but as edgy as garage punk can be. His newest and Pitchfork reviewed song “Call Me When The Cat Dies” gives off an 80‘s hardcore (in the vein of Bad Brains) vibe with catchy female melodies and tons of reverb. Watch out for the “Call Me When the Cat Dies” 7 inch coming out on Chicago based label Criminal Iq. (Also check out Cook’s other band Roommates who’ve just released a tape titled “Wi” on Scotch Tapes Records)

The second band Golden Girls of Worchester, MA features drummer Bill Ross ex-Death Threat. Who before breaking up made mild success and toured with bands like Hatebreed, the Distillers and Sworn Enemy. GG makes sure you know “they’re not lo-fi, they’re broke”. Although I can’t imagine this band sounding the same if they weren’t. They sight Dinosaur Jr as an influence on their Myspace, and it’s pretty obviously when you hear their riffs that they‘re Mascis influenced. These babies love the 80’s and I give them props for their songs names (16Canles, Amateur Teen Sex Addiction and Teenage Rape Fantasy). As for the now their Myspace is the only place to hear their music.