NEW MUSIC! Three For Free!

Just a few words about a few bands that I have a few hard ons for.
(That is, if you get past reading the first annoying line... sorry boners!)

Let's count 'em down this time, shall we?
3. Beat Noir
Just signed to Death To False Hope Records, I am on my knees for this impressive punk band astoundingly from Ontario, a fact which just filled my night with visions of seeing them live as soon as possible. Groovy!

2. The Please & Thank Yous
Also just signed to Death To False Hope Records (yes I found them in that article :P) this indie pop punk band flashes me back to the swingin' sixties with little to no effort and forget my knees, lay me on my stomach with my ass in the air for these guys. And they're funny, throwing in audio clips from Mall Rats and a sense of humour on their myspace page. Right now, if I had the choice of listening to the song "Summer's Over" or having sex, I would almost choose listening to the song.

3. For Serious This Time
This indie/alternative/pop/rock outfit throws down with some Against Me! style aggressive punk elements, only this band is very straight forward thinking, far from political, and a helluvalot more experimental. Slightly folky at times while dishing out melodies worthy of Lucero, the gang sing-a-longs add a warm family hug feeling to the pit of your stomach while you listen, and as the beat picks up so do the butterflies. I'm on my back and I'm all yours.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.