Owl City or Owl (The Rip Off Artist) Shitty?

It's no secret by now that 23 year old laptop phenomenon Adam Young and his Universal Republic signed band Owl City has been doused with comparisons to indie superstars The Postal Service ever since his single "Fireflies" gained radio popularity. What most people don't realize is that 2009 album Owl Eyes is actually Adam's THIRD release, and both his previous album and EP sound pretty much the same; all computer-made emo synthpop created in his parents bedroom as a result of his apparent insomnia. Not to say that his entire catalogue doesn't sound eerily similar to The Postal Service, but prior to his major label backing you have to consider how much a then 22 boy can do with just his laptop and an appreciation for European electronic music.
When I first heard "Fireflies" I was skeptical, assuming it was The Postal Service's new single immediately and almost not believing otherwise. When I finally accepted that this was a whole new band with a not-so-new sound I was furious, joining in on the accusations that Owl City had ripped off a sound that had already been designated to Ben Gibbard and his two (also similar) bands. Writing them off for lack of originality I tried to dislike anything to do with this new syth sensation, but as time went by the single seemed to follow me everywhere and I couldn't help but get drawn in to the catchy hooks and cute lyrics, everything that made me fall for Postal Service to begin with. When I stumbled upon an Owl City live set on YouTube I let go of all previous allegations and I fell, hard.
It was then that I decided to do some digging around and found out that Adam Young claims to have only heard The Postal Service's Give Up a few times and was never a hardcore fan, insisting he was more into Death Cab For Cutie in those days before creating his own music from other influences such as disco music and UK electro.
So do you believe him?

After decades upon decades of artists creating music it's hard to find anything original going into 2010, and more often than not I find that the new bands I hear tend to sound like they are ripping off another band or artist in some way, shape or form. Granted, there are similarities and there are blatant rip-offs, but sometimes it's hard to decipher which side of the scale the intent was on, or if it was even there at all. Is it unavoidable now to infringe on someone else's sound? Is there any new sounds out there waiting to be created, any sound that is truly original?
When you think back to boy bands of the late 90's it seems as if every group could be mistaken for another, but I don't recall hearing this much outrage about the Backstreet Boys ripping off N*Sync's sound, or vice versa, and these are "musicians" who relied on everybody else to write, play and produce their unoriginal pop music.
I think a factor that is constantly being overlooked by the critics is that Adam Young actually writes and creates each one of his songs himself. There is no ghost writer responsible for copying another artists' money making sound with the sole purpose to profit and sell for the sake of their label bosses and quotas. Yes, he may write music that sounds an awful lot like something else you've heard, but he is writing it himself at least, and he writes it well... there's no denying that.
Is this just a matter of a new genre with very few bands to back it other than Owl City and The Postal Service, therefore opening the doors for such undeniable comparisons until this genre catches up to other artists too that will eventually put out the flames of plagiarism? Of course there are other bands of comparable style like the Electric Presidents, Passion Pit, Plus/Minus and Dntel, but as far as a one man-minded laptop-driven project done in a basement goes I'm not sure if it's as easily done to separate his sound from others without destroying it's integrity completely.
I'm starting to wonder what is worse: Somebody completely random and with no ties to these other bands coming up with a similar sounding band, OR the same guy forming two separate bands that sound almost identical...(EX: Ben Gibbard with Postal Service and Death Cab/Jimmy Tamborello with Postal Service and Dntel)

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