A Short Wave For ShortWave?

After a short hiatus over the holidays I am back on the wagon (or off, which one is worse) and by off the wagon I mean I am back in the world of local Toronto shows and was pretty damn stoked about it. As I strolled in to the Horseshoe on Saturday with a beer in my right and my wing WOman on my left, I couldn't help but get a wee bit giddy. What originally brought me to the Horseshoe that night was the announcement that SHORTWAVE would be gracing the stage, and after hearing their myspace and creaming my underoo's, I was really looking forward to the show that these guys were about to put on! While waiting on the sidelines for Shortwave to come on, i was standing and admiring the performance that was in full swing on the stage. With dueling vocals, shared between what looked to be two lead singers and some of the most emotionally melancholy sounding guitar riffs littered with dance worthy beats These Electric Lives did a fantastic job at setting up the crowd. Not to mention the fact that I was in complete awh, due to the fact that I got such an unexpected but amazing surprise (so I guess this is what finding out your preggers feels like). **A tip of the Caslopus to you These Electric Lives**

Next to walk on was ShortWave, a 5 piece Canadian indie rock band that, like I mentioned before has some pretty fuck awesome music posted on their myspace. With clever lyrics powered by a quirky and unique voice placed perfectly over a well polished new wave/rock outfit, it was no wonder why my bone 's were aching. Finally their set began, with what seemed to be some amazing energy but as I continued to watch these boys like a hawk I realized that the only energy that was being exuded was that of the lead singer Ry Johnson. As the set continued Ry was sweating for the both of us, as the rest of the band just basically played music by numbers(paint y numbers). Dont get me wrong, these guys can rip! I could tell from note one that they knew the score and were *master craftsmen* at their skill, but when I go to a live show I expect a'lil something extra. I guess I wasn't the only one noticing, as Ry called his brother Sager out to get him to sing with no response.
As the 11th song set came to a close I couldn't help but feel a'lil let down. Not by the quality of music or the skill level of the musicians play it. I was more disappointed in the stage presence or lack thereof. When I venture out to a live performance I expect just that and to be honest Shortwave came up just shy (ha you thought i was gonna make a stupid pun) of my expectation.

It's Chris James Bitch!