Alkaline Trio - This Addiction is not that addicting.

First of all, find this album streaming HERE and listen to it while reading this.

The first song off of this album already foreshadows what kind of story this album will tell, fittingly it's the title track "This Addiction" and it's all the tits without the nips.
I've had a pretty love/hate relationship with Alkaline Trio throughout the last seven albums. Basically I loved the first few but grew tired of them, and after Crimson came the hate part and I completely lost interest.
For the better I realize now after hearing his stylish vocals which I think would make for a great psychobilly punk singer. His voice irritates me now... can I even say that? I'm sorry.
The album so far has started off immediately falling flat and the second song, although hilarious in title and chorus, just makes me scratch my head and click the next button.
Is it just my computer speakers or are the vocals far too spotlighted over the instruments? Crank that guitar dammit!
Just when I start to regret starting to review this album at the high price of having to actually listen to it, "Lead Poisoning" grabs my attention with some dirty melodies and HOLY HORNS BATMAN where did that even come from? It's well structured and composed between verse and chorus, and I even fall momentarily back in love with Matt Skiba's crooning.
Unfortunately the lapse in judgment ends when "Dead On The Floor" comes riding in on its train bound for radio glory and halfway through I hit pause and find some old Alk Trio to bring me back to the good ol' days of Maybe I'll Catch Fire and Goddammit. The lyrics of now don't grip me like they used to, the afore mentioned albums have stabbed me in the heart more times than I'd like to let on, almost every song able to break you down if you listen to it at the wrong moment....
Sorry, here comes the emo in me... you can't spell EMO without ME (backwards).
I return to the dreaded addiction only to hear 'and it's falling like snow' repeated a few too many times, and after literally just taking a dive back through their lyrics of the past I can't help but think . . . REALLY?
My patience is wearing thin as I hit #5 and although it started off catching my ear with talks of baseball a mere hit from the BLEEP later and it's suddenly talking about cemeteries, disappointing even the baseball craving in me which you don't fuck with. Matt Skiba, you're fuckin' out.
Things aren't looking any brighter as 'I'm a junkie for your smart mouth' fails...errr falls through the speakers in "Off The Map", and as I'm noting how horrible the lyrics are and asking myself if they've been tapped out of good lines I suddenly hear 'row row row my boat' and OOPS, I just crapped my pants.
Was this album made for toddlers?
Because it should come with complimentary diapers in the sleeve and avec download.

I can't listen to this anymore without coffee... will somebody please buy me a coffee machine? It might seriously increase my liking of music on Sunday mornings (if 1:30pm is considered morning on Sundays)

I'm thinking about coffee, and mornings, and sunshine, and tequila with cinnamon and orange which is my newest discovery and by far the best compliments to a tequila shot I've ever experienced, and am planning on drinking tonight at this party where Unfun from Vancouver are playing and Pod from The Roman Line is doing an acoustic singalong set which I will again need that comp. diaper for.......... and throughout this I have completely not paid attention to the album or the song "Draculina", despite the mention of blood and guts (for a gore fiend like myself that usually is all it takes to grab my attention, yet I heard the words and pictured tequila).
Alkaline Trio writing FAIL.
The next track, "Eating Me Alive", accurately depicts what the album is doing to me through the title alone, but as ridiculous as the song is I start to find it semi cute, and until the chorus I actually sort of enjoy it... but the chorus bores me and the second verse gives up no more hooks than the first and I'm left waiting for more. Again I find myself zoning out, this time to thoughts of food (surprise surprise) instead of listening to the song.

Is he talking about biting someones cheek in the next track "Piss and Vinegar"? I'm not even going to bother going back to hear that correctly, fuck this. I don't like the structure of the vocals anymore, he kind of pussied out with them. Not pussied out talent-wise, but pussied out coolness-wise, which we all know is the ONLY way to judge it. (Just call me Ellen DG)
Listening to this album is making me antsy and restless and I just don't care anymore about it. When is it going to end?
Finally I hit the last track and it starts off sounding like something you'd hear off of Pocahontas 3.... waiiiit.... 'boats' ... 'stars' ... 'kiddie pool' ... WAS it written for Pocahontas 3?
'Dreams' ... 'nightmares' ... But he's fine, I repeat, he's fine.
You shouldn't talk about drinking in a kid's song Matt, that's called not knowing your audience.
But don't worry, you're fine, you're fine... How are you? Let me guess, YOU'RE FINE!

This album made me angry.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

The Scarlett Fever / Cd Release

Posted By: Miss D
4 bums out of 5

To all you beautiful losers this one is for you....
The night was crisp, my first time at the Velvet Underground. The turn out was a bit weak, the room was that familiar vault of desire with metal accents, red lights and black liner. Wrong fucking day for a yellow plaid shirt i'll tell you that much.
I will have a bottle of your finest labbatt 50 please ease the pain of what I am in for.
I couldn't help but be reminded of the last goth night I had attended in Edinburgh, at least 65% of the people there slept in coffins. I tried to figure out, in my new surroundings, who was goth enough to slept like Kiefer Sutherland.
As I was staring off into space I then realized space was the crotch of the lead singer who was about to blow my mind. Black leather sailor accents pants with a tight leather vest and beautiful rooster collar bleach blonde hair & make up ruined by the rain of death.
And the keyboard player with his floor length soviet military jacket with brass buttons and gas mask, I couldn't look at him he kept reminding me of Dr Satin in house of 1000 corpses, so instead I continued on the leading mans gents. Shall I bite my tongue now or later....
They played, they didn't just play they rained. They were fucking quality. They were musicians who played off of each other so well the nods of you go I go were perfect. The vibes on stage were on point. These guys have done this before and now have a cd to prove it and spread Scarlett Fever in the best possible way. Similar to the cure but not the same, the voice effects were a great addition to make it there own. When I tried to I could hear each instrument individually and again it was outstanding. I think they played a great set, no encore which was a bit embarrassing when he was like "should we" and no one said anything, eee. I really hope the cd was produced well, live was good, I will be pissed if there recordings are shit, we'll see. But until next time boys and ghouls...
Thx to the girl with the beauties in the right spot & the boy who I wish was my siamese.

Awesome show great job!

New'ish Music at my laziest.

I've been kind of on a holiday in my head since Feb started and although I've been making list after list of the bands I plan on reviewing the only ones I've actually forced myself to get done were the ones I was asked to do.
And so my list keep growing…
So finally, on this lazy sunday (wake up in the late afternoon..) I'm devoting a few minutes to cop out and make a list for you because I really want coffee but first I need to shower… if you saw my hair you would understand. And I hate showering so this is me procrastinating.

Here it goes.
In no particular order except for the first band totally deserves numero uno.

Not a new band, old Tsunami Bomb members Gabe Lindeman and Jay Northington formed this piece of pure punk heaven in 2006 sometime I think and they released their second album in 2009.
Since then I have been meaning to write something about them… but I'm fucking busy so this is all you get:
Listening to them = raped with joy.
Like I need to say more.

This Is My Suitcase
I don't know much about them.
I have no idea how I found them, but they were the band of the week for a while when I did, THAT's how cool they are. So why not just read what they have to say about themselves on their myspace so I don't have to use my brain.
This Is My Suitcase is the lively music performed by five friends, scattered throughout their lonely twenties. The music of This Is My Suitcase is set to the beat of a different drum, though we usually end up running that busted drum through several guitar amplifiers and distortion boxes before we sign off on anything.
The actual influences behind This Is My Suitcase's overdeveloped and unbalanced pop music aren't terribly obvious through their songs; however, one week in particular, This Is My Suitcase was compared to all of the following: Queen, The Unicorns, Elliott Smith, Wilco, Ben Folds, Jellyfish, The Flaming Lips... needless to say, it was good week. This unlikely band of rabble-rousers offers their audiences uniquely high-energy performances for offensively low prices, and the band would tour every day of the year if their fingers could send out that many booking emails (so, will the flaming lips please take us on tour indefinitely?).
Like Bats
Not new either, but they have a new 7" out called Look On The Bright Side. Punk, of course. My favourite part about them was on their myspace where it said: "you don't like the way we sound, we don't like the way you hear".

Random Orbits
In the name of Seriously Slackin' Sundays, just check out what, 10 Things Zine, and INLANDER have to say about this (surprise surprise) punk/rock threat. Oh, and I guess listen to them there too.

Que myspace bio again (sorry):
Mansions is a rock band based out of Louisville, KY. On record it has consisted solely of Christopher Browder, but live he is joined by Sal Cassato on drums and Ryan Davis on bass. Mansions plays indie-pop-rock sometimes described as The Get Up Kids meets Ryan Adams meets Dinosaur Jr. A full-length album entitled New Best Friends was recorded with producer Mike Sapone (Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Straylight Run) and released in March of 2009 on Doghouse Records. Seven EPs of music self-recorded by Browder after the New Best Friends sessions were released in the fall of 2008 in various forms such as cassette, minidisc, and digital download. These EPs were also included on a bonus disc that accompanied the physical release of New Best Friends. June 2009 will see the album's release on vinyl in conjunction with Sophomore Lounge Records. The band plans to be on the road as much as possible in the rest of 2009 in support of New Best Friends, while also taking time to work on new material.

Inside Riot
Throwdown pop punk from Montreal. They've been around for like a year, and if you ever remember me talking about my little obsession With The Punches, well these guys sound like them a bit so of course I love them.

This band hails from Detroit, cites Dillinger Four as one of their many impressive influences, has their whole album for free on their myspace and features the sweetest blend of female vs male vocals you could hope for in a punk type outfit like this.

The Wild
As often as I say that I'm not the biggest fan of female vocals, I do crumble for them when they are paired with the perfect male compliment. Once again the duel vocals in this band include both sexes and somehow gain control over me with their innocence over the teasing chords. Sounding almost like a softer, less threatening Against Me!, this folksy pop punk actually evokes drool from my mouth as my butt shakes along to each encouraging track.

Pumps @ The Horseshoe Tavern, Thursday Feb. 18th

I'm too lazy to write a full review of the show, especially considering I ended up focusing my energy on drinking as opposed to critiquing that night (hey, I paid!)
But I did take some photos and when you see the band you won't miss a review, unless you're a straight man, suckers! (and as long as they are over 19? otherwise I take that back…crap) They pretty.
I did make a few key notes, they are this:
The singer had really nice boots.
The girl in the crowd wearing shortfalls (overall shorts) was far too drunk for 9:15pm and nearly took me out which was annoying and apparently noteworthy. At the end of the show I managed to snap a picture of her and her friend charging the stage to talk to the band… I was surprised she didn't fall off of the stage to be honest considering two prior spills. HA!
Uhh…. oh right, the band that was playing heh
They were actually really good. I saw them on Disband while channel flipping one day and they seriously caught my attention… but the two songs up on their myspace lack the 'umph' I saw in their Disband performance. So I went to this show and they killed it, despite the small turnout and the early set time. They had great stage presence, and although they seemed to be showing off a little bit it was nothing I couldn't get on board with. The singer had some Mick Jagger like charisma on stage and I mildly remember him setting off into the crowd and shaking hands with people. Cool?

Yeah that's all I got, suck it. Click on the picture below to see the rest snatches.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Did you know that Tripping is a Hazard?

I've never said no to a review, even when at first listen I can tell things are going to get mean… Depending on the popularity and the youngness (both individually and as a band) I'll pick and choose my words more carefully, while when it comes to bands making the big bucks already I don't think I have to bite my tongue as much, or worry that I'll stomp on their career before they even get a chance. In the case of local Toronto band Tripping Hazard I am trying to pick my words very carefully…
After all, when they contacted me they were great people, and it's not like their music is bad…but it's no rum and tits either.
Let's rewind..
When the band first contacted me I took a quick listen to their myspace before agreeing to write them a review, and at that time I actually remember getting into the few songs posted. Yet each time I sat down to listen to them since I couldn't get past a full song…
I finally forced myself to hammer something out today during my lunch, and although fast forwarding at times I made it through their 13 song album only to find that the interest I had initially felt had utterly vanished.
whaa happan?
Well, the first thing that comes to mind is the fact that the singer does not belong to the music at all.
I'm sorry, gurrrl you have a gorgeous voice, a great range… no doubt you can sing, but nothing about the vocals matches the music. The timing sounds off, the levels sound off.. it sounds as if both the vocals and the music are ignoring each other and doing their own thing. The music, dark and gritty, sometimes masks the pretty, airy vocals because they lack the hardness needed to pull off this kind of sound. Not that I've ever been a huge fan of female vocals, but I do know how to appreciate them and in this case I can't. I long to hear male vocals instead and I believe I would actually be able to listen to this album without cringing if some testosterone was involved.
I love the griminess in the actual music, yet by the end even that gets repetitive and unimaginative. The dark indie beats are sexy when they speed things up, but as they slow down again I get sleepy and drown them out… At one point I even started singing Outkast's "Hey Ya" for some reason to pick my spirits up a bit.
Maybe it would sound better if it was played really really ridiculously loud....
To be fair the singer is actually really fucking good but I think she'd shine a lot more in another project. I get the impression she's dumbing her vocals down a lot to sing in this band and that's a shame.
The song "Audio Pornography" is the only track where each element kind of suits each other, and they manage to actually sound somewhat like pornography with the almost inaudible cowbell.
At the very least they have a few hilarious song titles going for them… "$0.01 BJ" and "Motherfucking Rainbows"…heh heh.
Nonetheless I can see this band being better live, even with the vocals, so maybe i'll check that out and see how I feel after...
For now, I'm out like my upstairs hall light.

I'm Sarah, I do what I want.

The New Whole Usuals, can you say UNusual?

The New Whole Usuals is a tight well compiled group of musicians that have perfected a sound, all their own, that I can only describe is avant-garde acoustic folk rock. With Songs like Ipso Phanto, that displays the softer side of their compositions, using mainly acoustic guitar and banjo but allowing the vocalist to display the higher register of his voice. Then jumping to the other side of the spectrum, with songs like High Fructose, using multiple layers of instruments and choir style vocal create beautifully constructed noise. Although at times it was hard to distinguish actual music as opposed to just a mess of random notes, the band does a good job of keeping the listener intrigued and not confused.
Not only does the band have a grasp on the use of different instruments, but they do an amazing job at using crescendos and decrescendos which are used to accent the emotion being emitted by the band. I also have to tip my hat to number and type of instruments used. It was like they were readying my diary when they were writing this album, as they used layers of piano and organ, with a strings and winds section, not to mention a banjo.... to die for! I want to give a special shout out to the procession section.... absolutely fucking phenomenal!!! On top of all the instruments, the lyrics themselves and they way they are delivered is anything but common, at times singing at the top of his their lungs and at other times not singing, but talking through the songs (honourable mention "The Anxiety" I &II)
The New Whole Usuals are a well formed band with a distinguishing sound that cannot fully be described in words, but only be heard to fully understand. Take a listen to their new album Every New Whole Usual Will Die, and you will agree that they are anything but Usual!

It's Chris James Bitch!

Grand Scale Indeed

Uhh meet Grand Scale, Toronto's latest and greatest phenomenon.
Just when you thought it couldn't get any better than Down With Webster (well, maybe you didn't think that, but I did) Grand Scale explodes onto the scene and all over your tits, throwing down bigger beats and balls than D-dub can toss out.
Think Tall Guy Short Guy but less gay (still gay, just less gay) and more drunk and rowdy - music that sluts can really shake their butts to - rep'n New Order style 80's electronic disco club beats backed with gang vocals and a shit load of hype.. all of that on top of Aspirations-like punk undertones

Their first ever EP, Fast Time at Parkdale High, was recorded entirely in the groups living room, and produced by one of their own, Matt Scholey.
Check them out on their MYSPACE, search their page on FACEBOOK, and keep an eye out for their debut Toronto show.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

The Cute Lepers

While flipping though MySpace pages on the net the other night, I was told to have a listen to this Seattle Washington band by the name of The Cute Lepers. I have to admit that I was already kind of digging these guys/girls for the sheer fact of their Juxtaposition of their band name. Pairing a happy-go-lucky word beside a name of a disease that causes oozing skin lesions ....PURE GOLD!!! (It’s almost like calling someone pretty ugly)
From the first track on their MySpace The Cute Lepers display their rowdy punk inspired power pop music, comparable to bands like Exploding Hearts, which has me and I am sure every other listener cutting a rug. Led by Steve E. Nix(Formally of The Briefs) whose high energy in-your-face, I –don’t-give-a -shit singing style is reminiscent of the 70’s punk scene and seems to take influence from such bands as Generation X as well as The Buzzcocks, and has me itching to back track through the decades just to see what punk use to be. Not only will the lead vocals grip your ears and pull you in, but the elegant hints of female vocals, provided by Prisilla Ray, will have you wetting your pants. Although there is not a lot, there is just the right amount of harmonies and key moments provided that perfectly accents the quick quirky lyricism of Steve.
But let’s be honest, Steve’s lyrics would be nothing without the rest of the band, and although their music compositions may come off alil basic or “safe”, I believe the band does a fantastic job complimenting Steve’s vocals. With running bass lines, duelling guitars spewing catchy melodies and the sprinkle of horns throughout The Cute Lepers have defiantly come into their own sound of punk infused power pop and are not afraid to have fun with it. With party tracks like Berlin Girls and Smart Accessories, it’s easy to see why I can’t close their MySpace or sit the fuck still! Not only are The Cute Lepers able to get me “dancing” but also have me “ooooo”ing along to each song, as I don’t fully know the words yet. Do yourself a favour and take a listen to The Cute Lepers and I guarantee that this form of leprosy is totally contagious!!!!
It's Chris James Bitch!

Foxy Shazam, be my man?

Ha, get it?
Be my man?
Because V-Day is coming up?
I'm painfully witty.

ANYHOO, Foxy Shazam n da hizzouse!
Where do I fucking start hommie..
I remember seeing them play at the Mod Club one chilly night a few years ago with The Fall of Troy and they fully blew my ass out.
I don't remember much, but that I do remember.
They currently have a new single up on their Myspace called "Unstoppable" and I'm totally cracked out on it. Sounding as if Meat Loaf, Queen and The Darkness formed a tri-fucker of fucking and all splooged at the same time into My Chemical Romance's face, and MCR started to cry and the tears mixed with the tri-spunk and formed a band.
The music at times is simplistic but will unexpectedly morph into this grand gesture of talented madness, and his voice throws itself deep into your stomach eating you out in a way that I haven't experienced yet in the bedroom.
While I almost find that the chorus falls a bit flat in "Wanna Be Angel" the rest of the song is so triumphant and is definitely one of my favourite regardless, and I'm pretty sure it has cowbell... Right?
(No I will not make that joke.)
Each song is filled with dramatic piano, nail biting horn lines and some serious moustache influence, and since nothing is better than a good moustache I deem this band cumtastic!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

Timber Timbre – creep on creepin’ on.

So I can’t even take credit for that title – it’s the tag on Timber Timbre’s myspace page (aka Taylor Kirk). It totally works, because “creepy” is definitely how I would describe this music, in the best sense of the word. The first track I heard was “Trouble Comes Knocking,” when the ipod released it into the room on the shuffle setting – god bless shuffle. Sometimes you curse it when hosting a party because then an embarrassing tune will come on, and you have to pull the “Heh heh, don’t know how that got on there…” and abruptly change The Moffatts to Probot. Did I overcompensate with that one? (By the way, I have ONE Moffatts tune – and it’s from the album “Submodalities,” their more ‘mature’ effort that failed pretty miserably but I secretly loved. Like every other girl, I liked a boy band or two back in the day). I’ll give you a moment here to stop reading and shake your head in my direction. Anyways. Shuffle! That’s where we were. Sometimes shuffle is awesome for discovering music I legitimately never even knew I had. Which brings us back to Timber Timbre. It came on, and I immediately thought WHAT. IS. THIS. Not only because it sounded drastically different even just from most other bands on the Arts and Crafts label, but also because it was pretty different from everything else in general, too. Its bluesy, brooding folk rock style had me completely enthralled. For one, I find his music incredibly inspiring as a performing artist. One day I wille-mail this guy and say hey, I’d like to collaborate on some performance art with you! Ha. I even considered showing up at one of his shows, and randomly improvising some choreography while everyone around me watched in awe. THEN, Timber Timbre would be so impressed with my performance he would approach me and BAM – new networking/performance opportunity. Ah, fantasy. Somewhere in the middle of these thoughts the realistic part of the ol’ noggin kicks in, and I realize people would probably just think I was crazy or on drugs and ignore me. Or even worse, not give me the *space* I need to MOVE (Fyi, those words have special meaning in the world of dance, hence the emphasis.)
Anyways. Back to his latest self-titled album, which is stunning. It is dark, ominous, and dreamy, with a bare bones instrumentation style that is totally satisfying. One of my favourite tracks, “Demon Host,” is a haunting, melancholy beaut that sends shivers down my spine, especially at the point in the song when he “sees” the demon host – listen to the track and you’ll know which part I’m talking about. “Lay Down in the Tall Grass” is intimate and mysterious, and has a gorgeous, smooth tempo. I just shut my eyes and see myself in an empty field somewhere on a dark night, high full moon, doing a sensual and dreamy rain dance or something. That is either the dancer in me talking, or just Missy the weirdo talking. Or I’ve been watching too much Twin Peaks lately and just want to be the off-beat sex kitten that is Audrey Horne. Anyways, that is how I feel when I listen to this music. Each song conjured distinct images and scenes in my head, which doesn’t happen to me very often. This album really effectively creates its own weird little world, one that I am more than happy to inhabit on a regular basis.


King Khan and (insert any one of his wicked projects here).

Man, this guy is good. And crazy. Crazy good! First laid my eyes on him when he played with the Shrines at the Sasquatch festival in George, Washington (yes, there actually is a place called George in Washington. Look it up.) The circumstances in which I got to see them were also pretty awesome, as I had finagled my way onto the VIP balcony platform thingy (a VIP watchtower, if you will) which had a blissful unobstructed view of the stage. The group’s get-up was one thing, the sound was another. I was pretty blown away. At one point during “I Wanna be a Girl” one of the band members (however, not Khan himself) whipped down his pants to reveal a man-gina, after which he proceeded to dance and hop around the stage to the delighted/disgusted screams of thousands. Pretty fantastic first impression of this guy, I must say. Other projects Khan is involved in include the Almighty Defenders, a collaboration with members of The Black Lips, and the King Khan and BBQ show. As I was able to see the latter perform at Lee’s Palace not too long ago, I’ll say a few more words about them here. So we’ve got King Khan on lead guitar and vocals, and BBQ (Mark Sultan, who is also involved in the Almighty Defenders) on guitar, percussion, and vocals. Yeah, BBQ plays guitar, sings, and mostly works the percussion with his feet. Pretty amazing. Apparently another drummer, Leo Chips (aka the SHOW – so clever. haha) played with them on their most recent tour, and although I haven’t seen all three of them perform together, I can say they fare pretty damn well as a duo. These two definitely have a little less of the polish and zany finesse of The Shrines, opting instead for a more lo-fi, gritty, true rock n’ roll feel. But King Khan’s influence is clear in both, as all of Khan’s projects are definitely equal in terms of originality and showmanship. This guy really got me into a lot more garage rock, or more specifically his genre of what some have coined “doo wop punk”. The term in itself initially really piqued my interest. First off, I definitely have some fondness and deep appreciation for punk rock, having grown up on a bit of it thanks to my older sister (shameless plug for her Victoria-based band – Lesbian Fist Magnet! Check ‘em if you’re into some heavy, scuzzy punk/metal). But as a professional dancer, obviously, I love music that makes me dance. So to mix the dance-inducing, happy-go-lucky feel of doo wop with the ragged edges of punk? In my mind, pure fucking magic. Lately I’ve been listening to the first self-titled LP, and it is just FUN. Tracks like “Waddlin’ Around,” “Fish Fight,” and “Love You So” are quick, bouncy and definitely get my bed-dancing stamp of approval. Another random side note: notice I specified “bed-dancing” – the new trend sweeping the nation…well, my bedroom anyway. If you haven’t seen it, please check out the rock musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch, and take note of the scene with Hedwig as a young boy dancing on his bed. That kid, and the entire movie, is incredible. I am convinced there is something about having a cushy surface under your feet that just makes you dance ten times better. So watch that, take some pointers and get inspired, then throw on some King Khan and BBQ show and give it a shot of your own. Seriously. Here, I even found a Youtube clip for your viewing pleasure. Now do it.


Disco Machine Gun

Have you ever heard of Disco Machine Gun? Don't worry, because neither had I before now… but maybe that is about to change!

This 90's inspired rock of some sort is full of what feels like teenage angst subpar to Kurt Cobain, but some… no no, let's say most of the songs are pretty badass and somewhat erotic? They've got dynamic, but during some of the songs I can't help picturing a spiky haired, black wristband clad, baggy jean'd boy listening to them in his parents bedroom as some form of rebellion in the least harmful way. I haven't decided fully what that means yet or if it's a bad thing or a good thing. I'll leave it neutral for now, just as a fact.
The vocals in some of the songs, particularly "God Thank God Abandon Ship" near the end fucking SLAY me (sleigh me?). MMmmm.
The song "Orchid" I am dying to see live, it's aggressive and makes me want to swing my hips and dance seductively… I'd totally fuck to this song (not live, lol).
I'm not really a fan of the slower jams like "Ricochet" but I do enjoy the strained vocals in it.
"King Of The Mountain" has a respectful build up and immediate confusion which drew me in. Honestly, I wouldn't normally care for this type of music but something about this band makes me a little hot. I'd fuck it. The end of this song sounds a lot like that Jane's Addiction song (on Guitar Hero *#?* btw) near the end.
At times a little bit psychedelic, I'm not sure if I'm sold on the lyrics yet the "Devil Devil" instrumental is good but nothing spectacular… it didn't blow me away but I'd listen to it again type of thing. All songs sound a bit oblivious, take that as you may. All in all, I know I'll listen to them again at some point and that's a pretty big deal alone.
You can listen HERE.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.

What's better than robots? The Flobots!

Remember that song "Handlebars", well the Flobots are back, and their new single "White Flag Warrior" featuring Tim McIlrath is the best goddamn piece of lyrical bliss I have listened to lately.
God they have the groove of an angel, the groovy kind.
The first Flobot's album Fight With Tools was intoxicating, almost too overwhelming to listen to all at once with each lyric posing questions and each beat stomping my heart deeper into love with this instrumental heaven featuring strings, horns, and everything else you can imagine it takes to make something so holy.
With elements of hip hop, jazz, blues, rock, and funk and now adding a punk rock icon to the mix, The Flobots just blow away any standards for good music well out of the water. My toes are tingling for the full new album Survival Story, I could probably write a review on how amazing it is without even hearing it, it's just that obvious.
If you haven't heard The Flobots yet, WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM dummy!? Comparable to Jurassic 5, and pretty much any hip hop icons to this day in one way or another, you're going to blow your load when you hear it.

New album, Survival Story, hits stores March 16, 2010.
Check out their new track on their myspace.

I'm Sarah. I do what I want

The Gingervitis Tour...errr Take Action Tour!

Before I start I want to give a shout out to Patrick Pedraja, the brilliant boy behind Driving For Donors and his inspiring mission to help raise money and awareness, not to mention find donors, for blood marrow transplants and cancer research. Please check out Driving For Donors HERE and see how the Take Action Tour teamed up with them this year so YOU can make a difference too.

An unfortunate series of events leading up to the show (story of my life) left me flying solo for the Take Action Tour last night at the Phoenix. I admit, I got there late (if you consider 8:30pm "late") and sadly missed There For Tomorrow and A Rocket To The Moon, who thankfully I've seen before but shitty for me I really enjoyed and was looking forward to seeing again.
Word around the Phoenix was that both bands were wicked, and A Rocket To The Moon announced they will be recording a video soon for "Like We Used To" so keep an eye and ear out for that sometime this month.
At this point I have no idea what happened to Stereo Skyline on the bill but I was hoping to see them as well after interviewing them. Call The Cops were also MIA but I wasn't paying attention when they said why…. oops!
Making it in time for Mayday Parade, I decided against using the media pass and threw myself into the midst of the all ages area to experience the show like I haven't since high school (aka not in the drinking area getting wasted). I figured hey, if I'm alone, why not be alone in the middle of everybody.
The theme of the night was big hair and gingers, a combination that just screams Gingervitis… err I mean fun. The venue was packed, literally sold out, and everywhere I looked there were young slutty girls and boys in tight jeans and button ups, a look that plagued the stage as Mayday Parade performed. I learned something last night.. tight pants actually look good from a distance.
I had purchased Mayday Parade's latest album, Anywhere But Here, through Itunes sometime last week and never really got into it, but seeing them live proved to be a lot more exciting than the studio tracks. Each member impressively rocked hard, and each one kind of turned me on a wee bit by doing so. (I think standing in the middle of girly tweens really did a number to my mentality last night). In the middle the band split and the singer picked up an acoustic guitar and held the stage alone, playing a cute little number (which sounded exactly like "Baby Blue Eyes" by A Rocket To The Moon suspiciously enough…-Thanks Tyler!-) that made the girls around me scream uncontrollably, and all camera's shoot into the air to capture it.
I think I must have died and gone to pop punk heaven.
I started getting lost in the madness of preteen hormonal angst and my head started screaming "DANGER DANGER", insisting I check ID's before even looking at the guys around me. When the acoustic timbit was over the crowd erupted, I thought I had been swallowed into a black abyss as the floor engulfed me through pressing bodies. Before you knew it the band was back and the beautiful mess of swinging guitars and rocking bodies commenced.
I was enjoying myself until the singer caught me off guard by yelling "Let's get some crowd surfing going"
Did he really just say that?
My entire 40 was almost lost on the floor in a fit of laughter.
Can't say I expected to hear that at this pop show.
Especially because mere seconds later he started a clap-a-long break… crowd surfing and clap-a-long's in one?
Funny right?
Needless to say they managed to draw me back into their performance with the track "Anywhere But Here" and the enticing transitions throughout the song that raised each hair on the back of my neck individually, softly….slowly…. mmmmm that's right just rub… no, lower… lower…lower…
Ummmm what show are we talking about again? Oh yeah, a song that I actually knew came next but I forget what it was now, haha so jokes, but as I bopped along I looked around at all the bare 15 year old skin I was seeing against my will… I mean whatever happened to jeans and band Tee's (not of the bands playing of course, AWKWARD)..wasn't that show attire at it's finest? I don't think I saw one band T-shirt not purchased at that show… anyway like you care.
Every girl was practically pissing herself over the catchy hooks and judging by the look on each band member's face they knew exactly what was going down, and obviously loved it, fully planning to take advantage of as many of them as possible in the back of their vans later on.
Annnnd scene.
Between sets I was dismayed to hear Ke$ha ($ for $tupid) and the crowd singing just as loudly to "Fireflies" by Owl City as they did for some of the live songs, and I think I realized exactly what kind of show I was at and beelined it for the bar.
On the way during my bathroom break, side note, I talked to a couple really sweet gals and just want to ponder the fact that every punk sub genre show I go to I meet some of the nicest people that seem to go out of their way to help me out in the clumsy struggle that is my life. Thank you to every one of you ever. I'm sorry I am never sober enough to remember your names, please write them in permanent marker on my arm next time.. maybe then…
It was quite, and I mean QUITE obvious when We The Kings hit the stage no matter which bar you were facing as the Ginger love hugged the entire venue in the death grip. I surrendered myself to the energy surrounding me, and having familiarized myself with both We The Kings albums thoroughly back when I could listen to music at work :(.. I SANG MY SAD LITTLE HEART OUT! The latest album, Smile, was a huge crowd pleaser and for the first time I experienced fear that a ground level venue's floor was going to cave in beneath us because of all the jumping and shaking. I felt like Hunter S. Thompson amidst the Hell's Angels, it was almost as dangerous too…. I could fully have ended up attempting to take home a minor… or the clap...
I lost interest when the band started talking a lot about some bobble head, but the singer was charismatic (even for a ging) and the fans ate that shit up.
Next they announced a "chill" song, followed by a "shake your booty" song… the difference unknown to me as both sounded of fairly equal pace. (I believe the songs were "Summer Love" and "The Story Of Your Life"… maybe?)
The rest of their set was a blur of a cover of The Killers "Mr. Brightside", which I did enjoy, some talk about gang signs (huh who are you guys?), and one of my fav oldies "Check Yes Juliet" that made me '17 Again' Zac Efron stylez (sorry).
Although I was having fun it was hard to keep my attention aimed at the stage at times, but luckily I ran into my ex ex ex boyfriends younger bro who I fucking hate (kidding) ADORE and his day walker friend who bought the best shirt ever. I did, however, tune back in long enough to hear one of the bands' OWN SONGS, "Heaven Can Wait", played over the speakers (a REMIX nonetheless) immediately after they left the stage.
Go fuck yourself whoever did that.
All in all though, great show!

I took pictures in black & white so as to shield you from the gingivitis covering the stage, I'm kidding I love Aaron Hill. (is he even a ginger?) A friend and I proclaimed some day last month (already forgotten) as S.A.G. DAY…. Suck A Ginger Day. Blow until the fire's out baby! Sorry, sidetracked by ging's… check out the pictures HERE on the new PICTURES PAGE! No more clutter in the reviews when I go snap crazy on the camera. You're welcome!

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