The Cute Lepers

While flipping though MySpace pages on the net the other night, I was told to have a listen to this Seattle Washington band by the name of The Cute Lepers. I have to admit that I was already kind of digging these guys/girls for the sheer fact of their Juxtaposition of their band name. Pairing a happy-go-lucky word beside a name of a disease that causes oozing skin lesions ....PURE GOLD!!! (It’s almost like calling someone pretty ugly)
From the first track on their MySpace The Cute Lepers display their rowdy punk inspired power pop music, comparable to bands like Exploding Hearts, which has me and I am sure every other listener cutting a rug. Led by Steve E. Nix(Formally of The Briefs) whose high energy in-your-face, I –don’t-give-a -shit singing style is reminiscent of the 70’s punk scene and seems to take influence from such bands as Generation X as well as The Buzzcocks, and has me itching to back track through the decades just to see what punk use to be. Not only will the lead vocals grip your ears and pull you in, but the elegant hints of female vocals, provided by Prisilla Ray, will have you wetting your pants. Although there is not a lot, there is just the right amount of harmonies and key moments provided that perfectly accents the quick quirky lyricism of Steve.
But let’s be honest, Steve’s lyrics would be nothing without the rest of the band, and although their music compositions may come off alil basic or “safe”, I believe the band does a fantastic job complimenting Steve’s vocals. With running bass lines, duelling guitars spewing catchy melodies and the sprinkle of horns throughout The Cute Lepers have defiantly come into their own sound of punk infused power pop and are not afraid to have fun with it. With party tracks like Berlin Girls and Smart Accessories, it’s easy to see why I can’t close their MySpace or sit the fuck still! Not only are The Cute Lepers able to get me “dancing” but also have me “ooooo”ing along to each song, as I don’t fully know the words yet. Do yourself a favour and take a listen to The Cute Lepers and I guarantee that this form of leprosy is totally contagious!!!!
It's Chris James Bitch!