Disco Machine Gun

Have you ever heard of Disco Machine Gun? Don't worry, because neither had I before now… but maybe that is about to change!

This 90's inspired rock of some sort is full of what feels like teenage angst subpar to Kurt Cobain, but some… no no, let's say most of the songs are pretty badass and somewhat erotic? They've got dynamic, but during some of the songs I can't help picturing a spiky haired, black wristband clad, baggy jean'd boy listening to them in his parents bedroom as some form of rebellion in the least harmful way. I haven't decided fully what that means yet or if it's a bad thing or a good thing. I'll leave it neutral for now, just as a fact.
The vocals in some of the songs, particularly "God Thank God Abandon Ship" near the end fucking SLAY me (sleigh me?). MMmmm.
The song "Orchid" I am dying to see live, it's aggressive and makes me want to swing my hips and dance seductively… I'd totally fuck to this song (not live, lol).
I'm not really a fan of the slower jams like "Ricochet" but I do enjoy the strained vocals in it.
"King Of The Mountain" has a respectful build up and immediate confusion which drew me in. Honestly, I wouldn't normally care for this type of music but something about this band makes me a little hot. I'd fuck it. The end of this song sounds a lot like that Jane's Addiction song (on Guitar Hero *#?* btw) near the end.
At times a little bit psychedelic, I'm not sure if I'm sold on the lyrics yet the "Devil Devil" instrumental is good but nothing spectacular… it didn't blow me away but I'd listen to it again type of thing. All songs sound a bit oblivious, take that as you may. All in all, I know I'll listen to them again at some point and that's a pretty big deal alone.
You can listen HERE.

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