Foxy Shazam, be my man?

Ha, get it?
Be my man?
Because V-Day is coming up?
I'm painfully witty.

ANYHOO, Foxy Shazam n da hizzouse!
Where do I fucking start hommie..
I remember seeing them play at the Mod Club one chilly night a few years ago with The Fall of Troy and they fully blew my ass out.
I don't remember much, but that I do remember.
They currently have a new single up on their Myspace called "Unstoppable" and I'm totally cracked out on it. Sounding as if Meat Loaf, Queen and The Darkness formed a tri-fucker of fucking and all splooged at the same time into My Chemical Romance's face, and MCR started to cry and the tears mixed with the tri-spunk and formed a band.
The music at times is simplistic but will unexpectedly morph into this grand gesture of talented madness, and his voice throws itself deep into your stomach eating you out in a way that I haven't experienced yet in the bedroom.
While I almost find that the chorus falls a bit flat in "Wanna Be Angel" the rest of the song is so triumphant and is definitely one of my favourite regardless, and I'm pretty sure it has cowbell... Right?
(No I will not make that joke.)
Each song is filled with dramatic piano, nail biting horn lines and some serious moustache influence, and since nothing is better than a good moustache I deem this band cumtastic!

I'm Sarah. I do what I want.