New'ish Music at my laziest.

I've been kind of on a holiday in my head since Feb started and although I've been making list after list of the bands I plan on reviewing the only ones I've actually forced myself to get done were the ones I was asked to do.
And so my list keep growing…
So finally, on this lazy sunday (wake up in the late afternoon..) I'm devoting a few minutes to cop out and make a list for you because I really want coffee but first I need to shower… if you saw my hair you would understand. And I hate showering so this is me procrastinating.

Here it goes.
In no particular order except for the first band totally deserves numero uno.

Not a new band, old Tsunami Bomb members Gabe Lindeman and Jay Northington formed this piece of pure punk heaven in 2006 sometime I think and they released their second album in 2009.
Since then I have been meaning to write something about them… but I'm fucking busy so this is all you get:
Listening to them = raped with joy.
Like I need to say more.

This Is My Suitcase
I don't know much about them.
I have no idea how I found them, but they were the band of the week for a while when I did, THAT's how cool they are. So why not just read what they have to say about themselves on their myspace so I don't have to use my brain.
This Is My Suitcase is the lively music performed by five friends, scattered throughout their lonely twenties. The music of This Is My Suitcase is set to the beat of a different drum, though we usually end up running that busted drum through several guitar amplifiers and distortion boxes before we sign off on anything.
The actual influences behind This Is My Suitcase's overdeveloped and unbalanced pop music aren't terribly obvious through their songs; however, one week in particular, This Is My Suitcase was compared to all of the following: Queen, The Unicorns, Elliott Smith, Wilco, Ben Folds, Jellyfish, The Flaming Lips... needless to say, it was good week. This unlikely band of rabble-rousers offers their audiences uniquely high-energy performances for offensively low prices, and the band would tour every day of the year if their fingers could send out that many booking emails (so, will the flaming lips please take us on tour indefinitely?).
Like Bats
Not new either, but they have a new 7" out called Look On The Bright Side. Punk, of course. My favourite part about them was on their myspace where it said: "you don't like the way we sound, we don't like the way you hear".

Random Orbits
In the name of Seriously Slackin' Sundays, just check out what, 10 Things Zine, and INLANDER have to say about this (surprise surprise) punk/rock threat. Oh, and I guess listen to them there too.

Que myspace bio again (sorry):
Mansions is a rock band based out of Louisville, KY. On record it has consisted solely of Christopher Browder, but live he is joined by Sal Cassato on drums and Ryan Davis on bass. Mansions plays indie-pop-rock sometimes described as The Get Up Kids meets Ryan Adams meets Dinosaur Jr. A full-length album entitled New Best Friends was recorded with producer Mike Sapone (Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Straylight Run) and released in March of 2009 on Doghouse Records. Seven EPs of music self-recorded by Browder after the New Best Friends sessions were released in the fall of 2008 in various forms such as cassette, minidisc, and digital download. These EPs were also included on a bonus disc that accompanied the physical release of New Best Friends. June 2009 will see the album's release on vinyl in conjunction with Sophomore Lounge Records. The band plans to be on the road as much as possible in the rest of 2009 in support of New Best Friends, while also taking time to work on new material.

Inside Riot
Throwdown pop punk from Montreal. They've been around for like a year, and if you ever remember me talking about my little obsession With The Punches, well these guys sound like them a bit so of course I love them.

This band hails from Detroit, cites Dillinger Four as one of their many impressive influences, has their whole album for free on their myspace and features the sweetest blend of female vs male vocals you could hope for in a punk type outfit like this.

The Wild
As often as I say that I'm not the biggest fan of female vocals, I do crumble for them when they are paired with the perfect male compliment. Once again the duel vocals in this band include both sexes and somehow gain control over me with their innocence over the teasing chords. Sounding almost like a softer, less threatening Against Me!, this folksy pop punk actually evokes drool from my mouth as my butt shakes along to each encouraging track.