The New Whole Usuals, can you say UNusual?

The New Whole Usuals is a tight well compiled group of musicians that have perfected a sound, all their own, that I can only describe is avant-garde acoustic folk rock. With Songs like Ipso Phanto, that displays the softer side of their compositions, using mainly acoustic guitar and banjo but allowing the vocalist to display the higher register of his voice. Then jumping to the other side of the spectrum, with songs like High Fructose, using multiple layers of instruments and choir style vocal create beautifully constructed noise. Although at times it was hard to distinguish actual music as opposed to just a mess of random notes, the band does a good job of keeping the listener intrigued and not confused.
Not only does the band have a grasp on the use of different instruments, but they do an amazing job at using crescendos and decrescendos which are used to accent the emotion being emitted by the band. I also have to tip my hat to number and type of instruments used. It was like they were readying my diary when they were writing this album, as they used layers of piano and organ, with a strings and winds section, not to mention a banjo.... to die for! I want to give a special shout out to the procession section.... absolutely fucking phenomenal!!! On top of all the instruments, the lyrics themselves and they way they are delivered is anything but common, at times singing at the top of his their lungs and at other times not singing, but talking through the songs (honourable mention "The Anxiety" I &II)
The New Whole Usuals are a well formed band with a distinguishing sound that cannot fully be described in words, but only be heard to fully understand. Take a listen to their new album Every New Whole Usual Will Die, and you will agree that they are anything but Usual!

It's Chris James Bitch!