The Scarlett Fever / Cd Release

Posted By: Miss D
4 bums out of 5

To all you beautiful losers this one is for you....
The night was crisp, my first time at the Velvet Underground. The turn out was a bit weak, the room was that familiar vault of desire with metal accents, red lights and black liner. Wrong fucking day for a yellow plaid shirt i'll tell you that much.
I will have a bottle of your finest labbatt 50 please ease the pain of what I am in for.
I couldn't help but be reminded of the last goth night I had attended in Edinburgh, at least 65% of the people there slept in coffins. I tried to figure out, in my new surroundings, who was goth enough to slept like Kiefer Sutherland.
As I was staring off into space I then realized space was the crotch of the lead singer who was about to blow my mind. Black leather sailor accents pants with a tight leather vest and beautiful rooster collar bleach blonde hair & make up ruined by the rain of death.
And the keyboard player with his floor length soviet military jacket with brass buttons and gas mask, I couldn't look at him he kept reminding me of Dr Satin in house of 1000 corpses, so instead I continued on the leading mans gents. Shall I bite my tongue now or later....
They played, they didn't just play they rained. They were fucking quality. They were musicians who played off of each other so well the nods of you go I go were perfect. The vibes on stage were on point. These guys have done this before and now have a cd to prove it and spread Scarlett Fever in the best possible way. Similar to the cure but not the same, the voice effects were a great addition to make it there own. When I tried to I could hear each instrument individually and again it was outstanding. I think they played a great set, no encore which was a bit embarrassing when he was like "should we" and no one said anything, eee. I really hope the cd was produced well, live was good, I will be pissed if there recordings are shit, we'll see. But until next time boys and ghouls...
Thx to the girl with the beauties in the right spot & the boy who I wish was my siamese.

Awesome show great job!