Angus and Julia Stone ... If you weren't related we'd all be in the same bed by now.

I really should be reviewing the show I was at last night, which was probably the best experience of the last, well, 48 hours at least... but as I sit here listening to this week's new releases I keep getting distracted by how awesome some of the albums are.
Maybe I'm just the right amount of drunk and baked (I was supposed to go to one of two shows tonight, neither of which ended up getting me off my lazy nintendo loving ass in the end) but this is the third band I've listened to now and the second I've written about, and that ain't bad.
This intimate (in the least incest way) folk duo were bred with delicious vocal skills capable of chewing me up and spitting me out, leaving me STILL in love with both of their genetically similar asses as I lay there on the floor covered in their sweet sounding saliva.
How is that even possible?

Check them out on their myspace, please and thank you.

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