The Avett Brothers

I am such a horrible procrastinator, sitting here with my notes and pictures from a show that I went to two days ago, spitting out reviews of every single band I come across BUT the one that I’m supposed to get done. I paid for my ticket, so I guess it’s not that dire of a situation, but still.
This band isn’t even new, nor relevant in the slightest to this week’s releases.
Like I care.
The Avett Brothers are probably one of my biggest, most intense obsessions, and after hearing “Kick Drum Heart “ played on the radio at work (which normally isn’t the greatest thing to listen to) it cemented yesterday as hands down THE best day ever (do I say that too much? I’m so posi!). It also encouraged me to go back and listen to my boys, and their 2009 album I and Love and You in particular.
It’s so pretty.
If I could marry an album I would marry this one (in January). Just cut a hole in the package somewhere and I’m set for life… oh wait, that’s right I don’t actually have a penis, sometimes I/my friends joke about it so much that I start to believe it…but it’s never there when I go for a good rub n tug. On that note, let me get personal for a second here and explain that I’ve never been one for marriage or all that jazz, never have I imagined my wedding dress (except in the Star Wars themed wedding in Vegas sense), instead I actually used to have nightmares about marriage ruining my life when I was like 10 years old, so bad that I actually forced my mom to write this sign that said something along the lines of “Sarah will never get married, so please don’t ask her” and expected her to post them around Cobourg. Oddly enough my parents were and still are happily married, so where this terror came from is beyond me. (I’m probably doing a horrible job of disproving my ‘penis’) But let me just say, this album makes me WANT to get married… something about it just screams love and happiness, and beauty and comfort and trust, and everything you’d want in a marriage or a husband (or wife).
This album, like all the others, was written with so much passion… something that comes through in a way that makes me want to throw up because I can’t handle how good it is, and then make out with it without even brushing my teeth because that would take too much time away from devouring every piece of eroticism radiating from each song. And when they start to scream the vocals with such raw desire it almost feels like YOU are the one writing the song then and there, and feeling every single emotion they felt when they recorded it.
The combination between slow, soul-filled smoky folk rock and upbeat ecstatic country with a hint of punk rock amounts to something so brilliant that I have yet to find a word that respects how fucking amazing it actually is.
So instead of looking any further why don’t you just go listen yourself and form your own words for it.
UPDATE: They are playing in Toronto at the Phoenix on June 1st with "special guests"... FUCK YES, so glad I waited until after my sisters birthday to book my flight to BC, otherwise I'd have to cancel it to see this show.

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