CMW: AM Glory

AM Glory @ The Great Hall
Weird. listening to this myspace AM Glory fully sound like a band I would enjoy, but this time what I like on the myspace I hated live. What's going on here? How drunk was I? I remember they took forever to start playing and I almost left.
Contrary to their appearance this 3 piece was a fairly tight, super poppy punk-that-is-barely-worthy-of-that-title rock, suuuper catchy and suuuper cutesy. As much as I usually love this type of crap AMG, may I call you AMG, did not even come close to blowing me away. In fact, they kinda blew. In a really bad blow job kind of way. The hooks were obvious, the music average at best, and the singer/guitarist was kind of a jerk off with two different coloured Converse on. Uhh, the toilet store called, they want their style back. The bassist was clearly relying on his resemblance to the gross singer of Stereos to get him by. Together the two frontmen were so excruciatingly gimmicky that I am amazed I didn't puke, showing off to the 2 people in a ten foot radius of the stage and the odd camera snapping photos, probably for proof of how lame they were. They had one song about 'going nowhere' which was fitting, I guess I can rest easy knowing they're aware of that fact already. DENIED! or is it DISBAND now?

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