CMW: Corduroy

Corduroy @ Sneaky Dees
The first time I saw this band was years and years ago when they were still called Whatever Happened To Corduroy, which I like a lot better than boring old Corduroy, just sayin'. It was also at Sneaks, and even back then they stuck in my head and despite how many shows I've seen I like to think I still remember seeing them.. I at least remember loving them. A memory confirmed with their performance on Friday night, or super early Saturday morning however you want to look at it. Definitely a little bit different, less punk'y if I remember correctly, and more indie poppy, with a ton more angles to their sound and even more memorable this time around. Could I really forget a band who uses the Dylan'inspired harmonica holster? The singer reminded me of a Dylan actually, maybe Jakob more so in looks than Bob did at that age. (I'm so creepy). He was also barefoot which struck me in that carefree hipster new age Dylan sort of way as well, but it wasn't like he was trying too hard for that image, although that might just be due to the fact that he was gorgeous. Hey, I am normally pretty impartial to good looks when it comes to music but we all have our shallow points, and mine just happen to end with Dylan.
Regardless of my dripping vagina this band quickly became my favourite overall performance of the festival. It was almost… LEGENDARY!?
Here's the deal.
The guitarist was repine' a Clay Aiken t-shirt (??), there was harmonica, keyboard, banjos (again!), maracas, and vocals coming from all but the drummer. Annnnd just my luck my camera died. Worst episode ever… I swear I charged my batteries over night. WTF?
This performance was so unique, so rounded, and so full of great commradery on stage between each member smiling and dancing and just plain old getting along and having fun. At times they'd break into a jam band style session and at one point the singer even turned his mic around so that the intense crowd could get at it and sing. I hope they get seriously recognized soon, they deserve it. The end of the set had them on their knees with instruments in the air and the crowd screaming for more.

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