CMW: First Rate People

First Rate People @ Sneaky Dee's

Another painfully slow set up time from an inexperienced looking band. There was this girl standing on stage, who turned out to be the backup singer, who just looked scared shitless standing there holding a bass while the rest of the band scrambled around aimlessly trying to figure out which were the drums and which was the guitar, and what planet they were on.
As hard as I tried I could not help but hold a grudge for making me wait around for not the most spectacular of bands, and the fact that they were actually pretty good just wasn't going to suffice at 3:30am.
I will say now that they are a band to look out for, and a perfect obsession for the start of the summer. The lyrics were a little amateurish, and if I didn't know any better, as in if it wasn't illegal for Sneaks to have a band under 19 play in the venue I would have pegged them for high schoolers. *cough*.
I started to warm to them as they swapped instruments back and forth across the stage showing they each were quite musically trained, and I really liked how all heads would turn towards whoever was deserving of the spotlight, showcasing each other respectfully which in turn directed positive attention from the crowd in the same direction.
I'm not even sure how to classify them, toy store indie pop?
One thing that continued to bother me about this band (aside from the set up time) was the annoying keyboardist/guitarist/keyboardist who kept saying all these really dumb things, dude, do the band a favour and don't talk during performances. K :)

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