CMW: Organ Thieves

Organ Thieves @ The Great Hall
Man, I hate Brownsound. I don't even want to justify him by saying his real name, which apparently wouldn't even be justification since he STILL calls himself Brownsound on Organ Thieves myspace. Aren't you embarrassed? Oh wait, it's harder to hold onto your Sum 41 fame when nobody relates your name back to the band anymore. Riiight. Unless your real last name is Brownsound… nooo, it can't be, can it? That's racist.
I especially hate how he was nowhere in sight when the band started playing, diving into a song irritatingly about where he was…."Dave, Dave, Dave, where have you gone…"
Give me a break.
Did anybody actually find that entertaining? I really would like to know because I am pretty sure I am way too old for shit like that. It wasn't funny. It's not even like the intro song was that GOOD to make up for the lameness. Blerg!
Of course he ran in as the second song started. The BIG DEAL that he is, sorry WAS and all.
What I really hate the most though is the fact that this band is actually really good. I am not the biggest fan of the vocal stylings but the singers voice itself I do love, and aside from that there was some SERIOUS skillz emitting from every inch of the stage during their performance.

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