CMW: The Schomberg Fair

The Schomberg Fair @ Sneaky Dees
I was still in the bathroom when this band took the stage and even from my spot on the toilet (prime seating) I immediately knew this was going to be something magical. The bluesy, country, alt rock was a little too country for rockabilly yet a little too fast for alt country. I have to say, they managed to tie Songs From A Room for my NUMERO UNO band from CMW 2010. They had so much energy and the guitarist was just shredding it the entire way through. Although the vocals sound like burping some of the time it was easy to look past it, loving the play between the two singers and appreciating the unique experience. They presented me with a new sound of genre mashing freshness and BANJO! Lots of banjo! I started off hating on the bassist because at one point he ordered his girlfriend to grab him a beer from the bar and kept anxiously motioning for it as he waited. D-bag! Unfortunately he went on to blow me the fuck away with his insane speed and precision, and I decided he has every right to be cocky and order his bitch around! The drummer, oh contrare, was super polite and also sang which was impressive. With each classic rock worthy riff over hard country alterior I became more and more like an obsessed stalker fan, I wanted it and needed it all at the same time, bad. I could have watched them all night, a thought which the crowd agreed with as an inspired Schomberg encore chant erupted even though the night was far from over.

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