CMW: Styrofoam Ones

Styrofoam Ones @ Roosevelt Room
First of all, the Roosevelt Room is fucked up.
So was the fact that this band didn't have a guitarist? The odd trio consisted of a bassist/singer, a keyboard/singer, and a drummer… and I felt like a dildo when I realized far later than any real critic would. In defence of the genre, and me, I was already drunk enough to have dumped half a beer in my bag trying to "pregame", as my roommate would say, on the streetcar there… It was 9pm, day 1. On a scale of one to alcoholic, I'm 2/3'rds ASS-OME.
And that leaves 1/3 retarded.
Styrofoam Ones were not retarded.
*And the award to best segway goes to…*
They were entertaining in this spooky, trance-y sort of way, and it was mesmerizing. They combined the club with the rock show, impressively too, and for those who don't care for either, listen to the song "O.T.T.A.P." and tell me it wouldn't tickle your tush live.
I'm not a fan of the electromumbojumbo they've got going on in the recordings, but live was another story altogether… a drunk one.

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