CMW: This Is An Empire

This Is An Empire @ Sneaky Dee's

Oh. My. God.
Seriously the SLOWEST band to ever set up in my life. It was almost like their first time on a stage, ever.
Sweet drums though.
Something that I never expected to see outside of What's Poppin' on Wednesday nights at Sneaky Dee's happened during this band's set....
A mother fucking light show.
As the band finally got ushered on the normal lights dimmed and quite the show began.
I'm glad I waited it out.
Although their set was a bit of a hot mess, the concept rocked and it was something new to wake me up a bit after hour like five of my suddenly sober night.
I don't know what the 'zoop' sound effects were saying though, I'm still not fully convinced that those were necessary, the lights were enough.
I am still astounded at the crazy electro dance party turn of events and at the time it fully swept me into it, although now hearing their myspace it's about par.
There were times where my spidey senses told me there was something up with the singer, he bent down to fix something not long into the set and seemed to lose it from then on, half assing it vocally while his mind was on something else, and I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt here because I could tell he wasn't giving his all performance wise, and I am sure there was a reason behind it. The guitarist and the bassist managed to step it up and cover for him most of the time though, and as much as I was nosing around trying to figure out what was up with the singer I couldn't resist settling my gaze on either one of them as they grooved sexily across the stage.
Oh yeah, and excuse me while I stifle laughter at the memory of a SMOKE MACHINE halfway through their set.
Anyway, musically they were really good, bigger than the stage allowed them, but the singer struck me as accident prone by the end of it and I couldn't bare to watch any longer.

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