CMW: Tropics

Tropics @ El Mocambo
This was the first time I had even heard of this band, which consisted of Slim Twig and a fucking PHENOMENAL female drummer, Simone TB aka Thick Branch. Seriously, she fucking KILLED THOSE DRUMS. She was INSANELY good. I can't say it enough, or in enough caps, SHE.KILLED.IT.
I just listened to them now over myspace and I don't even like it.
Live though, when I saw them, I had no ill thoughts. How could I with such a drummified sex goddess. Just the two of them sounded like a full band somehow, and I kept searching the stage and sides for the other members. There were none. The experimental indie rock… which doesn't even seem to describe them… was pretty much this hectic obscurity in the form of music. The twitchy but speedy, crack-like reflexes of Slim reminded me of Brandon Flowers on drugs, lots of them. Each song was a short, jumbled mess… and at times it seemed like they forgot what they were doing and just started hammering something out, all the while sounding really fucking good. I don't understand it, but I sure enjoyed it.

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