The Starving Artist bar, Something New

I have FINALLY found my very own Tom's Restaurant or Central Perk so I can fully live out my Cheers fantasy. It's called The Starving Artist bar, and within seconds out my door I am standing in front of my new home, which on the outside almost fools you with the dirty Lansdowne atmosphere, but with closer inspection and a cute teeny front patio I almost wish I smoked again so I could plan my summer now. I'm sure judging by the young hip group of people both working and eating at this joint they wouldn't mind a little sumthin sumthin else smoked right out front, whilst enjoying everything you can imagine to do with waffles as well as the most important ingredient in any 'hangout', cheap LIQUOR. Topping off the menu with more than 3 different crazy types of NACHOS (after 5pm) and smoothies in which they allow you to concoct you're very own spiked deliciousness, or at least they don't say no if you ask. Pineapple/Banana + Tequila = I'd even let it fuck me in the ass good.
During the day when I stopped by on Saturday to check it out they were playing wicked music, and when I say wicked I mean not your typical crap 40 you hear everywhere else… but like, actual music. It was loud too. And the huge TV playing on the back wall, near the cute lil fishies all added to the 'my kind of place' vibe. How lucky am I to have a bar that caters to all my favourite things so close to my house.
It gets better too.
Not only does this bar have great food, great atmosphere, a tattoo covered staff that is good-looking in it's entirety not to mention super sweet, reasonably priced drinks, and fish, BUT IT ALSO HOSTS SHOWS AT NIGHT!!!
When I was in there during the day I was trying to imagine how they could fit musicians and fans all into their tiny back area, but when I came back that night the cute cafe that I had met earlier had fully transformed into a very intimate venue.
And it worked.
Obviously the acts were stripped down to the bare acoustics, and sans most members, but they pulled it off and it sounded great.
Now, last night was no ordinary event.
If you check out their website you can see the typical weekly events, which I might add include punk which instantly pleases me without even looking at the rest..
Last night, however, was something bigger… something better… SOMETHING NEW!
Although the information I have on what went down last night is lacking, from what I was told and what I've gathered online it was the launch party for the new weekly series presented by andPOP and AUX TV called Something New. On the flyer they tag it as "Canada's resurgence of investigative rock and roll journalism with a twist." Uhh… pinch me, or clean up the mess in my pants.
How cool is that? (So I went to your room and read your diary)
So. Every Tuesday on AUX TV (Rogers Channel 107) at 9pm tune in for this, I don't think we have any idea what we're in for until it hits us, and it's going to smack a bitch harder than the ShamWow guy slap chopped that hooker. Check out the promo below.

Now, back to their launch party and the Starving Artist Bar.
Featuring bare ass acoustics from The Artist Life, The Organ Thieves, Owel 5 and Erik Jorgensen etc, all of who were busking for Haiti (as if they could impress me any more with this show) and although I didn't hear some of it (from outside where it was less packed) and couldn't see any of it (curse these short legs), the fact that I actually enjoyed The Organ Thieves in this surrounding proves it was a great show.
Erik Jorgensen was by far my favourite discovery (okay, the only discovery since I didn't catch/don't remember Owel 5 and knew the other bands) and seeing him in the intimately close knit bar playing right out of the crowd was astounding, and hopefully doesn't set the bar too high for what he is like in real life. This show has somewhat blurred into a whiskey/Amsterdam dreamworld of magic, and at best I remember Ian from The Artist Life sitting down to strum a few Dashboard-sounding tracks alone in the midst of a sea of young and hot faces.
I love everything about this already.
The Something New show, the Starving Artist bar, the crazy styles of Nachos….
Toronto, I'm finally home!

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