Kevin Blake - You Are What You Hear

Review By: It's Chris James Bitch
At first listen of artist Kevin Blake's minimalist electronic album I wasn’t the most intrigued. With years surrounded by music and getting introduced to new artists and styles on a daily basis, I thought to myself “just another experimental glitchy electronic album”. After further inspection I have to say that my first opinion of Kevin Blake’s You Are What You Hear was a bit jaded. The album itself is an offbeat and uniquely elaborate sound that incorporates not only the glitchy side of electronic but also manages to feature hints of jungle, dubstep and some dirty electro synth. Blake was able to take a style, that has been dominated mostly by such acts as Prefuse73, adds his own finesse and creates something that is a little more smooth and stylish than what I was used to hearing from the genre. Throughout the album Kevin is able to take samples, which are fractions of seconds long, and layer them with such grace that it causes the effect of a seamless piece of musical cloth. At times the album seems a bit lagging, with heavy repetition and minimal peaks and valleys but Kevin does an excellent job at keeping the listeners attention by tossing in some fractured hip hop vocals and some real grimy synth sounds. After hitting repeat more than once, I will admit Kevin's album is a well constructed piece of foley style experimental electronic art and is totally worth having a good hard listen. For those of you skeptics , myself included at first, don’t hesitate to take a few minutes to listen and I think you will agree that Kevin Blake’s You Are What You Hear will fit snugly between your Amon Tobin and Prefuse73 albums.
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