Review Posted By: It's Chris James, BITCH!

After filming an interview with London Ontario’s Stiff Wires, which will be released for your viewing pleasure soon, i was hanging around the Horseshow Tavern waiting for the boys to go on when a 5 piece from New York, known as !Outernational! graced the stage and I was in awh! At first glance they looked like any typical rock band trying to make it, but what set them apart was the genre mashing in each song, not to mention the raw energy and grit inflicted on the crowd by these boys. Throughout their set I could hear ska influences, with the use of quick up strokes on the guitar provided by Leo Mintek, layered with trumpet parts furnished by Jesse Blum. Then at times heard almost a gypsy style rock, with the addition of a harmonium and stripping the grit from the guitar to use more of an acoustic sound. I also want to give my blessing to the fast finger bass playing of Jesse Massa, and Charlie Walker the percussionist who did fantastic job beating those skins. But I have to be honest, 50% or more of my attention was on Mr Miles Solay, the lead singer of Outernational, at all times. Not because he was at the front of the stage, but because he was (for lack of a better term) completely losing his shit!!! With vocals that are reminiscent of Axel Rose’s screech meets the growl of a rabid dog and the stage presences to boot. I tip my hat to Miles as it takes a lot of courage to wear leather pants, a florescent yellow shirt and do the Elaine Benes full body dry heave. Fucking awesome! All in all Outernational was a wicked band to have stumbled upon and I highly recommend you take a listen. They will be performing this Thursday March 4th at Siesta Nouveaux in Toronto ON. If you can’t make it to the show, have a look at the guys MySpace it’s fucking worth it! Also, dont forget the check out their phenomenal video for Sir No Sir available here.

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